How YouTube Can Help Grow Your Moving Company

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Logically, anyone who owns a moving company wants to grow and expand as time passes and business starts to pick up.

Suppose you’ve been savvy in your marketing efforts. In that case, you have probably jumped on the digital marketing bandwagon – digital marketing, in this case, is not a fancy phrase for some magical marketing approach but rather advertising your moving business on online platforms.

You’ve probably had a website for years, ideally with a company blog flanking it; both tools have perhaps played a key role in helping your moving business attract new clientele and gain credibility in the industry.

The thing about online trends, however, is that they evolve now and then. Therefore, failure to keep up with the day’s trends could make you miss valuable opportunities.

How YouTube Can Help Grow Your Moving Company

One of the current hottest trends – and one that looks set to rule for some time – is visual. So any moving company that wants to grow needs to adopt video marketing. Why? Simply because video is the most preferred medium by the modern customer.

Much of this concerns the decreasing attention spans, leading to most preferring a quicker and more palatable method of consuming their information.

Additionally, improved Internet speeds everywhere mean online videos are easier to watch. When was the last time you witnessed buffering, for example?

The advancement of tech has also played a hand in the popularity of video. Smartphones and tablets are great viewing devices and have even surpassed desktops regarding search volumes.

YouTube is King

Now, when it comes to video advertising, no platform can hold a candle to YouTube.

Consider these numbers:

  • 78 percent of people watch online videos a week
  • In the 18-49 age bracket, YouTube reaches more viewers than any of the cable TV networks
  • 59 percent of executives report preferring video over text
  • Shoppers who watch videos are a staggering 174% more likely to make a purchase compared to those who don’t

In short, video is what you need to be doing, and YouTube is where you need to be.

How Moving Businesses Can Leverage YouTube

If you’re wondering how to capitalize on such rosy numbers, here are some tips to help you get started on YouTube marketing.

  • Create stories with video.

The art of storytelling will never get old. However, when it comes to marketing, using stories to relay your message is advantageous because it helps viewers understand and remember it.

That said, find a way to weave stories into solving people’s problems and meeting their needs instead of boring them stiff with videos revolving around stats and the benefits of signing up with your company.

The good thing about being in the moving business is that rarely will you lack stories to tell because every single move has a story of its own.

So, identify problems with people with moving experience and use storytelling to demonstrate how your company is well-placed to address those problems.

  • Don’t overlook SEO

SEO is not just a preserve of written content. It also comes in handy when you want your YouTube videos to reach as large an audience as possible.

Accompany your videos with well-thought-out descriptions when you upload them on your website or blog. This is the data that Google will crawl, including important keywords and filling out all the metadata entries for each video.

It is work, sure, but it is work that will pay off.

If possible, don’t host your videos on YouTube, either. Rather, do it on your domain (domain, in this case, your website). This will direct traffic to your website instead of YouTube, where users will likely get lost in the maze of things.

Lastly, do not forget to include tags in your video descriptions. These also help boost your clips on search.

  • Keep it light

As much as you’re serious about your moving business, you might want to save the serious stuff for LinkedIn.

Most people, or the modern web user, appreciate some light-heartedness, especially in business media materials. But, unfortunately, modern life has become too serious, so people are always looking for something a smilefacestheir face and makes them forget about their humdrum routines.

Thus, when creating your YouTube videos, keep things light, and come up with information that makes them smile simultaneously.

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