How Your eCommerce Biz Can Create a Better CX

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How Your eCommerce Biz Can Create a Better CX

Don’t you think your eCommerce store could be a little nicer? A little more welcoming to new visitors and returning customers? A major part of the customer experience is based on how the product looks, performs, and what you charge. Regardless, many other details contribute to the customer experience. The following are simple tips on how your eCommerce business can create a better customer experience.

Take User Experience to the Next Level

You have no doubt noticed that the design of e-commerce websites has evolved substantially over the past few years. The latest and greatest websites are now optimized for mobile technology. With newer, more intuitive designs, users can instantly find what they want. There’s no need to search through various categories and product pages to find the perfect product. These websites display every product, so there’s nothing left to guess about what a customer wants.

Personalize the Shopping Experience

You’ve seen it on Pinterest and in magazines: custom product suggestions, so-called “friends” suggestions, and recommendations. These are based on previous purchases and are among the most helpful features for a business website. Also, another great way to personalize the shopping experience is by customized packaging.

For example, you can design a package that will relate to customers’ preferences based on their shopping habits. Then, you could print a personal message to make the customer happy and feel appreciated. The approach will not only encourage customers but will push them to recommend your services.

Shipping companies have understood the need to create a strong customer experience. You can always find a great alternative to Uline with equally reliable services that offer an excellent customer experience.

Highlight the Values of Your Brand

You have a business representing the people’s values who run the business and how you do business. The customer experience needs to be based on these values, not just about what is for sale. Communicating your business values and how your customers are important is key to creating a great customer experience.

Make Shopping Easy and Flexible

Your customers don’t want to be instructed step-by-step on how to complete a transaction, including purchasing or streaming services. Instead, customers wish for simple, easy shopping experiences to access and understand. They also want the buying process to be as seamless as possible. If the transaction is easily completed, it will create a better customer experience.

Build a Knowledge Base with Helpful Articles

eCommerce is constantly evolving. You will need to produce information to help users find what they need. The great idea is to create user-friendly articles in addition to product descriptions. You can do this by posting the answers to customers’ popular questions on your website. Your customers will be satisfied with an informative article and have their questions answered, leading to a better experience.

Collaborate With Influencers

There is a strong correlation between the success of eCommerce stores and the number of recommendations and reviews posted by online influencers. For example, an influencer like Billy Mays created a huge following on social media with his famous product endorsements. Customers continued to be amazed by his performance as they watched his success unfold in real-time. You can accomplish the same result with your customers by collaborating with influencers on your website. Offer them opportunities to promote their services, and you’ll benefit from their influence and reach.

Use a Virtual Waiting Room

Communicating with customers is essential, but many are on the go. You can easily create a virtual waiting room for these customers by having a customer service team respond to such requests 24/7. In addition, your customer service team can handle inbound and outbound inquiries through email, phone calls, and social media channels. Besides, creating a virtual waiting room will help ensure that your customer’s service experience stays top-notch. Also, they will be more likely to recommend you.

A great customer experience begins with a great team of customer service agents. Having excellent customer service is essential for retaining customers. However, the product’s price should not be the only reason customers return to your site. Instead, your company should focus on creating an amazing customer experience and let the products speak for themselves.

By following these simple tips, your eCommerce business can learn how to create a better customer experience with many benefits such as increased revenue, faster sales growth, and improved customer loyalty.

How Your eCommerce Biz Can Create a Better CX