How You Can Stream on Twitch with Your PC?

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How You Can Stream on Twitch with Your PC?

Without including Twitch, a discussion on streaming would be lacking. Originally a side business for Justin TV, the platform currently accounts for 73% of all online streaming time. Moreover, Twitch’s market share is anticipated to rise by 20% in 2020 if the current trend holds.

Twitch has eclipsed rivals like Mixer, YouTube, and Facebook in just a few years. It is now the biggest website for streaming video games. In addition, Twitch is the place to be for companies, marketers, and influencers, with 15 million daily active users.

We will guide you through the process of live broadcasting on Twitch and the preparations required for broadcasting.

How to live stream using a PC?

As previously mentioned, desktop PCs are broadcasters’ favorite method of going live on Twitch. As a result, the five fundamental components that make up the desktop streaming process have been broken down.

  1. Plan the Content of Your Streams

You are underestimating the reach of this medium if you think Twitch is solely used to broadcast esports. Instead, you may discover grab-bag games, merely conversation streaming, cosmetics tips, and cookery demonstrations on the platform.

You must choose the type of content you want to stream. A content strategy is beneficial in two ways. One, you are aware of the equipment you will need to set up before going live. You may promote your broadcast on other platforms by posting teasers and promotional content.

  1. Get your streaming rig ready.

You will succeed as a novice if you stick to text-only streaming or stream what is on your screen. Then, your webcam and microphone connections will not be a hassle.

But as you become accustomed to the platform, you will sense a desire to increase the breadth of the material you provide. Make sure your computer, game system, microphone, and camera are set up at that moment. Conducting a test run before going live is usually a smart idea.

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  1. Install the streaming software and link it to Twitch.

Any of the software options we previously listed can be used. But for the sake of this article, we will utilize OBS Studio for examples and demos. In addition, you will be given the option to configure OBS manually after it has been installed on your computer or phone, which is what we advise.

Stream may be found under File> Settings >. First, make ‘Twitch’ your service choice. After that, you may link your Twitch account to OBS by entering your Twitch login information.

You may also visit Twitch and select your avatar there by clicking there. Next, select ‘Settings’ from the drop-down menu that displays.

You will see the ‘Settings page. At the top, select the ‘Channels and Videos’ tab. An encoded value can be found in a file called ‘Primary Stream Key.’ The ‘Copy’ button is located next to it.

Go ahead and paste the copied key in OBS now. Twitch and your streaming application are linked.

  1. Add the audio and video sources to your streaming software and the content.

You must add each multimedia source you intend to include in your stream to the streaming software you use. For example, if you want to do a face-to-face demo or chat session, your camera may be one of your content sources. Likewise, if you broadcast a game, it will be on your gaming console.

This phase is rather easy for OBS. First, go to File> Settings > Audio to set up audio devices. Next, look for the audio equipment you will use to stream, including your desktop speaker and headset microphone.

Click the Plus button in the ‘sources’ column on the home page to add new video sources to OBS. A menu with various sources, including games, online sites, desktop applications, and text files, appears. You may choose the sources based on what you require.

  1. Change the streaming preferences.

The sort of video you plan to stream, your connection’s upload speed, and your encoding software’s capability all affect how you set up your streaming.

Consult the Twitch Broadcasting Guide to obtain a better sense of the internet speed and resolution ideal for continuous broadcasting. It includes the technical specifications for x264 and NVIDIA NVENC, two well-known processor kinds.

In addition to these requirements, Twitch specifies video formats and rate caps. You may submit videos in various codecs, including FLV, MP4, and MOV. AAC audio is a kind of audio File. A maximum of five uploads are permitted per account for each session. In 24 hours, only 100 uploads are permitted.


You now have the foundational knowledge needed to begin your new Twitch experience. Although it is not very difficult to broadcast on Twitch from a PC or console, the first amount of effort and energy required to develop your channel might seem overwhelming. However, remember that many popular streamers started doing this as a hobby and that their dedication to providing their audience with regular material contributed to the gradual growth of their channel.

How You Can Stream on Twitch with Your PC?

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