How Will Voice Search Impact eCommerce Success through User Experience and Personalization?
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How Will Voice Search Impact eCommerce Success through User Experience and Personalization?

From the COVID pandemic, the rise of eCommerce and voice search is in upsurge. Here are a few statistics about the impact that the voice search is about to create on the eCommerce platform in 2022:

  • By the end of 2022, 70% of consumers will shop through voice search instead of brick and mortar stores
  • By 2023, roughly 8 billion devices will provide voice assistants.
  • Many businesses have already seen significant benefits from voice or chat assistance and a 20% reduction in customer service.
  • By the end of 2022, voice commerce is likely to grow to 40 billion dollars. 

Why Embrace Voice Search For Ecommerce?

Here are the top reasons to embrace voice search for your eCommerce platform:

1 – Reviews Contribute To SEO

Reviews play a significant role in voice SEO. People trust the word of the previous customers more than yours.

If a person uses voice search to find a nearby business or products online, the search engine shows results based on the reviews and star ratings.

If your product has more positive reviews and good star ratings, it ranks higher and is shown at the top of the search engine, enabling people to trust and purchase.

Since the voice search shows only the top three results, you’ll remain unknown if you can’t make it into that.

So, you have to start building your reviews section.

Even though people are fully satisfied with the product, they often procrastinate and, in the end, fail to review because of their busy schedules.

Now, the smart device has eliminated such hassle. Users can now set a reminder to review the product and write the reviews without digging up the email for searching links. 

2 – Notifies The Shopper

People love shopping. The rise of eCommerce platforms has facilitated them to sit on their comfy sofa and purchase things from their home.

People may not realize they are running out of things in a busy life and have to purchase again.

With the advent of voice search, the device can easily notify users to reorder essential things for the household.

This benefits both the buyer and retailer. It prevents shoppers from running out of products. Whereas, from the retailer’s standpoint, the buyer becomes a loyal customer.

3 – Requires Less Time

Voice search is time-efficient. You can multitask with voice search.

People can use voice search when dining, cooking, working, or other activities and purchase products online.

If you’re using the traditional method to buy things online, you should type in the search bar and find results. 

A typical person types between 30 and 35 words per minute. However, he can speak up to 100 words per minute with a voice search.

Thus, you can communicate easily and get results quickly when using voice search.

Doing so saves you a lot of time and allows you to purchase swiftly.

4 – Personalisation And Humanisation

The evolution of the internet and digital marketing have drastically reduced human interaction while purchasing products. 

Thanks to voice search. Now, the people who use smartphones and smart devices – Alexa, Google Echo, Microsoft Cortana, and so on – can communicate with the device like how they talk to their friends.

This makes them feel the human factor while buying things online.

If they have any queries during the purchase, they can easily sort them out by asking the smart device. This delivers a smooth experience to the customer and helps you boost your business.

Moreover, machine learning and AI technology usage in the voice search engine help marketers and business owners gather more details about the buyers. 

75% of online shoppers love brands that deliver personalized experiences.

Based on their previous purchase and behaviors, you can deliver a personalized experience – showing products they might be interested in increases your sales and loyalty.

5 – Voice UX

User experience is the key to online marketing. As a result, universities such as Maryville have started offering 100% online UX/UI certificate programs to prepare the next generation of UX experts. 

Voice interfaces are the next step in the evolution of user experience.

It is designed to deliver a conversational experience to the user by setting up communication between humans and machines.

The voice technology market is growing rapidly in the smart home sector.

With voice as an interface, users can interact with smart home devices more easily than with other interfaces, such as touch screens. 

Smart devices are facilitating the user to purchase products with a seamless experience.

The involvement of AI, machine learning, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) enables the device to understand the user’s language and share relevant results swiftly, making people like using voice search and enhancing business.

3 Tips For Adapting To Voice Search

Nearly 40% of online shoppers prefer voice search to buy things every month. 

Here are the top three tips for optimizing your online eCommerce store for voice search and reaping benefits:

1- Think From The User Perspective And Select Keywords

Long gone are the days where people wrote keyword-stuffed content for ranking.

To survive in this digital world, you must deliver quality and valuable content to your audience.

To optimize the content for voice search, you have to wear the buyer’s shoe, think from their perspective, and select keywords.

Use long-tail keywords, and question typed keywords that start with – what, why, how, which, where, etc. 

Draft your content in a natural and conversational tone and use your audience’s words.

If you use the words your audience uses, your content will be ranked up and shown at the top while your audience does a voice search.

2 – Optimize Your Website For Mobile Devices

The voice search only shows the top three results. People will never know your presence if you’re not at the top.

To rank higher, your website must be mobile responsive. Since the voice search is held from smartphones and smart devices, you won’t rank top if your website isn’t mobile-friendly. Follow this guide to make your site voice search-friendly.

Google’s algorithm favors mobile-friendly websites to rank at the top of the search engine. 

Plus, your website should load within two seconds. If it doesn’t, people will jump to your competitor’s site. So, it is imperative to look after the page loading speed as it also contributes to ranking.

Here are some of the tips to optimize your website for mobile devices:

    • Choose mobile-friendly website’s theme and plugins
    • Select a WordPress host with fast loading times. For instance, Bluehost offers a 324 ms load time and 99.96% uptime.
    • Reduce image sizes
    • Reduce redirects
    • Remove broken links
    • Choose fast hosting and server

3 – Enhance Your Local Presence

Your online presence is crucial to driving people to your physical store. 

Hence, keep your google my business listing updated with your name, address, and phone number (NAP). And then in the description, tell google what business you’re doing and where your shop is suited. This will help Google show your business when people use the keywords relevant to your business and location.

You can also improve your local presence by building a specific strategy, using the local keywords, writing content, and posting it on the search engine.


The current market trend is voice search. Business adapting voice search has also started increasing.

Using voice search gives you an ample amount of customer data. Effectively analyzing and exploiting it helps you turn your prospect into, loyal customer. You have to get prepared for the new wave.

I hope the above-given information has helped you understand the importance of voice search and the impact it is up to creating. 

This is the perfect time for you to start using the above tips and optimize your site to improve the ranking for voice search.

How Will Voice Search Impact eCommerce Success through User Experience and Personalization?

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