How UX Influences Your Rankings

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What is your UX design influences your rankings? Essential eCommerce features you may optimize to improve your online performance.

How UX Influences Your Rankings

Good offer, marketing plan, budget, potential customers are not enough to sell your products or services online. Another essential aspect to consider is what your online store looks like.

If it is easy to:

  • Find what you are searching for;
  • Find a product when you don’t know exactly what you are looking for;
  • Compared with other products;
  • Buy and get delivered.

There are more than 100 parameters you should take into account when designing your online store (the full list may be viewed and even downloaded by this link).

Parameters That Influence Your Search Rankings

Not all of them work directly; some influences are not traced in other segments. For example, you may have a perfect online store for your users but hardly make it to the top 30.

Still, there are some points to keep in mind if you want to level your SEO up.

Intuitive and Easy to Use Structure

Does your potential client know exactly where they are on your website? Do they understand what they can do there? Is your menu good enough? Do you have a good site search? Don’t answer these questions yourself. Instead, ask your friends, relatives, or other people that may be willing to help you. If possible, give them several tasks they have to complete on your site and watch how they do it with your own eyes from their backs. Write down the notes if you notice anything important to you.

Double Check Your Site Availability and Functions

If your site loads for too long or is sometimes unavailable due to hosting problems, you lose money. If there’s a bug somewhere in your cart, size check, or color selection, you lose clients. If a person has started the buying process but may not complete it, they may go outrageous. Many negative reviews are made by people who were ready to buy but found out that they cannot.
From the SEO point of view, any review is good because search engines don’t differ among those for rankings. However, negative reviews influence your reputation and may kill your business.

Pop-Ups and Sliders

Very few businesses can afford pop-ups that would not fold their users back. So if you dare to use those, make sure that they are not only relevant but worthy. In other words, are you sure that your potential client will be happy to see it? Would it provide them with any value? Can you offer something significant?

Make sure your pop-ups work technically right:

  • They don’t appear too often
  • They are easy to close
  • They don’t appear on every visit or every page
  • They are displayed correctly

Your sliders are a good way to show search engines your most important pages on your main page. There should not be too many of them. The offer should be clear and understandable. The images should not distract if the user is not interested. Add distinctive alts to all of them!

Cart, Checkout, Search, Category Pages (& Alike)

Be sure to mark them noindex and add those to disallow in your robots. However, the search engines will check if you have those working right, and the information there is full and available. User experience on these pages influences your SEO a lot. The best way to trace what’s happening on them is to use Google Analytics. You may easily adjust all the parameters and have high-quality feedback about your site.

Google Analytics has an eCommerce module. But even if you choose not to use it, it is highly recommended to tune your conversions, events, and funnel.

Additional Pages

Those pages are usually optimized for general keywords, like “online store,” “[insert-your-segment-here] company,” etc. In addition, you need to have a contact page, terms, privacy policy, shipment/delivery, help/support, reviews, and alike – whatever is relevant for your industry.

Search engines take such information availability into account for the ranking. So it’s also important to add your website into the Google and Bing directories and maps to make them available for local search.

Wishing you the best sales ever!

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