How to Write Persuasive Product Pages that Sell
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How to Write Persuasive Product Pages that Sell

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Customers land on your website. They quickly type into the search bar scanning for their desired product. It’s a matter of seconds before they check the product and buy it. But something else happens. They don’t buy after all.

Do you know what makes them switch from your product page to another one most probably a competitor with a similar product? While they could be many reasons, the one most obvious one is your product page is not persuasive enough for the buyer to buy it within a few seconds of landing on the product page.

Product pages represent your business in many ways. For prospects, it is a window to what you offer. If you are presenting yourself in front of existing customers, then they already know your brand and believe the product will deliver as per your promise. 

However, if the reader is not familiar with your brand, you need a powerful tool that holds their attention in a matter of seconds. 

To stand out and create a compelling offer every single time, use these six time-tested ways to write a persuasive product page that converts prospects to buyers in the first few seconds.

Focus on the Benefits, not on the Features

We know that your business exists to solve a problem. And that’s the exact reason there is a demand for what you provide. However, if the product page is all about the product features rather than how it can benefit the customer, that’s where you lose vital seconds in making them stick around.

For example, if your product is a hair color, then you might fill the entire page with fancy features. But if it does not mention how the elements can help the customer, it won’t attract the reader’s attention in the first few seconds. Most likely, they will jump onto the next best option that’s available at that very minute.

Address Immediate Buyer Concerns

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It is often seen that a reader lands on your product page either because they

  • Are searching for that particular product
  • Or a product that is more or less similar to the one you are promoting

In both cases, they want your product to meet their immediate needs without having to search further. If the product page mentions how the product can solve that one particular problem, you know you have a clear winner there. It also means you have identified your products USP that sets it apart from other similar products in the market.

Address Immediate Buyer Concerns

Source: LuxyHair

Here Luxy hair makes it easy to know how they can help the reader in three simple steps.

Use the Words your Users Use

The words you use to act as a catalyst to trigger positive reader behavior in your favor. Besides, it also allows the reader to understand your product features and benefits, how it fares better than other competitor products, and why they need to choose it. To make it easy to connect with your audience follow these simple steps

  • Mine social media and sites like Reddit to know what words your customers use to speak about your product
  • Check your internal customer data to understand how your customers describe your product. What words do they use to recall and talk about your product? 

 Use Persuasive Techniques

Our minds are wired to recollect strong, emotional, and appealing words that matter to us deeply. So if your reader has landed on your site and if you are selling luxury items, the ideal words to draw them will be “ luxurious,” “classic,” “unique,” “tailored,” “elegant,” “exclusive.” These are some popular words used by luxury brands over the years. 

Another way to engage with your audience is by using the repetition technique. By repetition, we suggest using the same thought but in different ways. Say you want to focus on persuading the buyer to purchase your product from your product page.

Instead of splashing across the word, buying everywhere on the page, use other words that convey the same meaning. Purchase, bought for a loved one, thinking of gifting, wants to make a last-minute buying decision, investing in you with the product.

Using these words, you nudge the buyer to come one step closer to closing the cart with a purchase.

Use strategic product positioning

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Strategic product positioning might sound like a dense business jargon. However, it’s as simple as differentiating your product from similar ones in the market.

Focus on the USP of the product and why someone should consider your product USP and prefer that over others. 

Dropbox does a fantastic job of nailing down why you need to choose them. They have separate signup for basic and business plans making it easy to select as per your need, thereby being specific with clear web copy and product positioning.

Add credibility

Do you buy your product after checking all reviews, feedback, and online search of the product? Your customer does it too! They want to know their money is going to give them the right results.

Your current customers act as brand advocates. Get testimonials, raving reviews, and positive feedback as text or video from existing customers to elevate your brand positioning among your prospects.

By focusing on writing persuasive product pages, you set yourself up for an actively engaged reader who is ready to buy from you.

Patricia VazPatricia Vaz is a content creator/freelance writer with six years of content creation on digital marketing and tech topics. Her writing has helped her clients drive traffic and convert passive readers into active customers. Contact her at WritewithPat or LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

How to Write Persuasive Product Pages that Sell

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