How to Write for a Tech Magazine

If you are a writer, then getting your article published in a renowned magazine must be your dream. Magazine article writing is remarkable. Having your content read by avid magazine lovers, after creating an enjoyable, worth reading material for them is out of this world. Not only, does it pay well but you can gain a considerable amount of popularity from it after it gets published in a famous magazine.

Working as a content writer for magazines is fun when you have to write on amusing subjects, but when it involves technical writing, your excitement goes downhill. Technical writing is considered to be one of the dullest genres to be written on. It sucks the creative part of your writing. It enables writers to get bored very quickly, which makes it difficult for them to create fresh, crisp content. However, if a writer has a knack for technology and can create tech content that is unique yet, simple for readers to enjoy, then, they might land a right spot in tech publishing for magazines.

Now before we discuss some pro tips for writing a banging tech article, let’s confabulate on why it is important to write one:

Enhance Visibility

Working as a magazines content writer, when your articles get published they are read by millions of people worldwide, allowing you to get recognized for your work globally. It not only increases your visibility among your target audience but also gives some sense of pride and feeling of a significant accomplishment.


All tech-articles aim to help engineer’s society with well-written information on technological knowledge. Well written tech articles, pave the way in providing a learning opportunity for young engineers. Therefore, you and your work will be always be honoured and appreciated.

Career growth

Working as professional magazine content writing services promises handsome amounts of payslips with considerable career growth. It does require some academic qualifications, but people can pursue this as a career option. Some significant amount of exposure is also guaranteed as tech writers are made to attend conferences, seminars and workshops worldwide, further enlarging their experience in this field. Moreover, switching towards online media content from print is also favourable guarantying more growth.

Now, that you know what salutary benefits tech article writing for magazine holds, it’s time to discuss some prodigious tips and tricks that will help you create an outstanding tech article.

Grab Ideas

To make your tech article stand out, you would need a whole lot of creativity. For this purpose, you must start by coming up with exciting ideas and new topic that speaks for themselves. Spend a considerable amount of time searching the whole web having a notebook with you always. A notebook always comes in hand. You must jot down all ideas that come and go during a day. Also, look up for some new techniques and trends for writing tech articles as they change with time. Keep yourself updated. Try to incorporate, practical guides, demonstrations and illustration of concepts as much as you can. Readers want tech articles in a simple language. Hence, keep it simple to keep it real!

Explore the Magazine

While working as a qualified magazines content writers, don’t start writing down about any topic aimlessly. The writing style of your article must reflect the writing style of the magazine. Research the contents of the magazine to check the form of its content and then write accordingly to that style. You can always use a magazine “editorial calendar” available on the website to grab some useful insights on their publication schedule, their recommended topics and further interests for that year. Also, refrain from writing on articles with similar content and write in your own words. Copy pasted material is never supported.

Stick with the Outline

Every article follows a standard outline which is as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Main body
  • Figures
  • Conclusion
  • Links or references

Make sure you follow this format. Craft a compelling opening headline, followed by an engaging few sentences to keep your readers hooked. Also incorporate as much as visuals, guidelines, examples, illustrations and demonstrations in the main body to increase your readers understanding. Make use of online tools or MS office to create imagery from scratch. Use table, charts, and photos to explain your point. Lastly, write a conclusive paragraph after the main body giving a summary about the whole articles or some recommendations. Next, add all the external links or references form where the information is collected.

Keeping it Real

The content that you write must be authentic by all means. Magazines have strict rules regarding plagiarism. Any plagiarized content is discarded immediately. Imposing a negative impact on your reputation and credibility. Use your real voice, express your thoughts. Try to be genuine as much as you can. Be yourself and keep it friendly. Make use of a conversational tone but also add substance. Don’t write on an academic level; trust me that’s the last thing your readers want. Try to engage a little humour to make it an enjoyable experience for your readers.

Wrap Up

On your road to becoming an expert content writing for magazines, you will face exciting experiences yet, daunting challenges. No writer can get the hang of brilliant tech content writing overnight. A sheer amount of dedication and persistence is required to roll out all your tech articles for publishing. However, this blog contains a list of some useful tips that might be helpful to you, so, read on and get on with it.

How to Write for a Tech Magazine

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