How To Write An Effective Return Policy For eCommerce

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How To Write An Effective Return Policy For eCommerce

Returns are an important part of any eCommerce business, and it is critical to have an effective return policy in place. Returns can help you increase your sales while also keeping your customers happy. But first, you should ensure that your return policy is easy to understand and follow. Learn some helpful hints for creating an effective return policy for your eCommerce business.

According to statistics, the average eCommerce return rate is around 20-30%. Returns occur for various reasons. As a business and sender, you must have a well-planned strategy and policy to respond appropriately without compromising your online reputation, products, or customer trust.

How to Write an Efficient Return Policy for eCommerce

Let’s go over the fundamentals of creating an effective return policy to help you avoid the common mistakes businesses make regarding returns.

Understand Your Customer’s Needs

Before creating any policies or procedures around returns, you must understand what your customers want and need. This will help you tailor the return process to meet their needs best while ensuring that all products are accounted for and properly packaged when sent back. It is also helpful to track how many returns each customer has made to better anticipate and manage potential issues down the line.

Set Clear Guidelines for What Can Be Returned

Once you have created your return policy, provide guidelines for what customers can and cannot do with their returns. This will help minimize the number of calls you receive from people who are not following your guidelines or trying to return an item that is not eligible for a return.

Set Clear Guidelines for the Type of Refund Your Customers Will Receive (Store Credit, Exchange, Full Refund)

You should set clear guidelines for what type of refund your customers will receive. This will help them understand the return process and ensure they get their money back on time. For example, most online stores offer store credit as the main refund form. This allows customers to use the credits for future purchases without additional fees or hassles.

Keep the Language Simple

Your return policy should be easy to understand and follow without confusing language or complicated processes. Keep it concise and user-friendly so that customers know exactly what they need to do to request a return or exchange. If you have difficulties producing such guidelines for your customers, check out writing service reviews websites such as Best Writers Online to find a specialist to help you.

Make Your Return Policy Easy to Skim

To write a good piece of content, particularly your return policy, it is important to make sure that it is easy for customers to understand. One way to do this is to make the policy easy to skim. All the key information about returns is available in a single location. Customers do not have to search multiple pages to find the needed information.

Consider Time Limits

Some customers may not want to wait long for their return or exchange, so it is important to establish time limits for both requests. Set a limit on how long you will allow someone to wait before contacting you about a possible return. Also, determine when an item must be returned following the company’s return policy. This will help you to avoid any potential issues or delays that could negatively affect your business reputation.

Do Not Copy Your Return Policy from Another Company

While learning from others who have done a better job of creating an effective return policy is helpful, be sure not to copy their entire policy without adapting it to suit your specific needs. Keep in mind the returned items and ensure that your policies reflect those specifics. For example, some companies allow returns for any reason, while others only accept returns if the product is defective or damaged. Suppose you are stuck writing or need someone to proofread your return policy; visit writing services such as Trust My Paper.

Disclose Fees Associated with Returns

It is important to disclose fees that are associated with returns. This will help customers understand what they need to pay to make a return and ensure that they are aware of any additional costs that could be involved.

Specify Contact Information for Item Return

Make it easy for customers to get in touch with you if they want to make a return or exchange. For example, include contact information on all policies and materials related to returns, and make it clear how someone can reach out if he has questions about returns.


Returns are an inevitable part of eCommerce. Therefore, writing an effective return policy is essential to keep customers happy and ensure you make the most of their spending.