How to Write a Digital Marketing Resume
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How to Write a Digital Marketing Resume

The competition is fierce in the working market. Even though the pandemic came with many health challenges, it created more job opportunities. Remote work has become the new normal, and a lot of companies shifted to the online world. Consumers started shopping more online. And overall, everyone spent more time online than ever. 

Which created a high demand for digital marketers. Every company or business needs a digital marketer to build the strategy and find the best-promoting methods for the business. If you are among the people who want to build a career in this domain, you have probably started looking for jobs. Each of them asks you to submit a resume, and some of them even ask for a cover letter. So, how could you write a digital marketing resume that stands out from the crowd? Here are a few tips.


There are a few sections that you need to include at the top of your resume. However, some resume templates might have sections arranged another way. But make sure you have these details on your resume. In addition, you should have your name, contact details, and summary. These act as an introduction to your profile and experience. 

The summary is especially the section where you can briefly tell the most important things about you. Then, you can focus on your goals and objectives for your career. Finally, you can mention a few relevant skills for a digital marketing position. For example, creating an outstanding resume might feel like a challenge, but you can always get resume help. Experienced professionals can help you build a powerful resume. 

Work Experience 

Another section you should include in your digital marketing resume is your previous work experience. Many candidates focus on listing the tasks they had at a specific job. But everyone can do this. So, it would be best if you found ways to stand out from the crowd. 

And one of these strategies would be to focus more on your accomplishments at previous jobs and less on your tasks. Maybe you have created a performant brand awareness campaign that increased the brand’s sales by 50%, for example. And if you can use numbers, that would be even better. Also, make sure you list the jobs relevant to the position you apply for. Any jobs you might have had that have no link to the marketing field can be omitted. 


Many candidates that apply for a digital marketer position already have some studies in this domain. If you are among these candidates, mention your educational background in this section. However, not only those who have studied marketing want to become digital marketers. 

Many people do not have studies in this domain but took part in many courses and training. So, you can mention the certifications you have that are relevant to the digital marketing domain. 

Skills Section 

This section is one of the most important ones and very powerful. This is because you can catch the attention of the recruiter. How? By avoiding using common words to describe your skills. 

Hardworking, team player and good communication skills are among the most listed skills. Therefore, you can divide the section into soft skills and hard skills. You can mention, for example, knowledge of Google Analytics or SEO proficiency in the hard skills section. 

Final Thoughts 

Writing a digital marketing resume might feel like a challenge, especially when you know the competition is fierce. However, there are a few tips and tricks you could put into practice that will help you create an outstanding resume. 

Do not forget to add any section to your resume. And, of course, feel free to personalize and add more sections if you want. Your resume should represent you and your personality, so make sure it reflects it.

Dennis Lodge is a freelance journalist, blogger, and copywriter who writes unique research-based content on business, careers, education, and job search strategies.

How to Write a Digital Marketing Resume

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