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How to Win Customers In Today’s Digital World?

Just about two years ago, in May 2016, a study conducted by 1to1 Media and Survey Monkey, aimed at understanding how customers are positioning themselves when it comes to the digital marketing strategies, has revealed that 40 percent of the responding customers have stated that they had stopped developing business with non-digitized companies. Moreover, 41.5 percent of the questioned people have also responded that they only use a mobile device to interact with a brand.

In the last two years, even more, companies have implemented smart technologies into their processes willing to keep the hard-gained market position or to get a bigger slice of the customers’ pie. In one case or the other, the key to success came from adapting to clients avidity for digitization. Today, a strong digital presence is essential for making a difference and staying in customers’ preferences. Investing in a marketing strategy that not only pays attention to customers’ needs but also puts them in the center of his marketing engagement is the only way to stay in the game.

How to Win Customers In Today’s Digital World?

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Evolution Is Progress

The new digitalized marketing era has the possibility to engage in their service advanced technology that can enhance the customer service experience with excellent results when it comes to:

  • Customers’ most frequent requests and real-time behavioral analyze;
  • Generating more real and higher quality consumer interaction;
  • Creating differential business models and customer experience based on the behavioral analyze.

The road to a successful business to client future experience is automatically passing through the mobile world. The rapid embracement and acknowledgment of this basic tendency are crucial for stepping gracefully in the future of customer care assistance. A customer that you can reach is a potentially gained customer. If you add to this basic aspect a quick response to their expectations, issues or questions you are still in the game. This is the 24/7 era and only digitalization can sustain this rhythm.

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Going Beneath the Surface

Only fulfilling customers’ expectations and successfully implementing a lightning response time to their issues is not enough. Continuity and consistency are equally important. Being one step ahead of your customer reaction and a focus on the palpable customer value is what follows. Going beneath the marketing strategy and more into the customers’ behavior is what will make your company understand what is behind every buyer. When you have a clear idea of what motivates your customer you have arrived half the way up to a successful experience.

The interconnectivity that drives the marketing world from the very private aspect to the desire of getting some social media attention is what matters now. Buyers are more educated and they are in control of the sales process. There is no doubt that the service that is delivered should be at least equally leveled or even higher. This is where AI (Artificial Intelligence) and IoT (Internet of Things) are going to prove that the men touch and machine learning is making an excellent team.

Security and Anticipating Strategies

Even if the technology breakouts are more amazing every day, the fear of losing the personal privacy is still a very important aspect that should not be overlooked in marketing strategies. Making a customer living a safe sales experience is still a number one priority for any company that is taking a mobile sales process seriously.

The digital union of socially exposed behaviors and facile technology access are two of the most important elements that you can take into considerations when designing anticipating marketing strategies. There is already implemented by the big technologized companies and effectively working. They simply use technology to show empathy to their customers. And they do it to their current customers as well as, and most importantly, to their potential future customers. A good digital marketing strategy uses the technological advantage to understand and anticipate consumers’ needs. Or even better, it connects the available media information, creating a need for a specific product.

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Leveraging the dynamic digitalized world that connects business with their consumers via smartphone, smart cars, and smart houses is the only way to progressively integrate successful business strategies. The connected environment is the new development cradle of a continuous virtual customer interaction that learns instantly to respond to the consumers’needs.

Nika Goddard – Psychologist, writer-freelancer, traveler and just creative person, lover of world cultures, languages, food, wild spaces and urban places by nature.

How to Win Customers In Today’s Digital World?


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