How to Use YouTube Shorts

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How to Use YouTube Shorts

The digital marketing landscape has significantly evolved in the past few years. Video has become an effective channel for conveying messages and relaying information to consumers. Social media platforms, like TikTok and Instagram, have particularly contributed to video marketing’s rise.

While these platforms weren’t the first to feature videos, their widespread use has helped put video content front and center before audiences.

Video marketing isn’t a new concept. Savvy marketers have used it for years, but it’s important to note that video formats have changed. People’s attention spans continue to dwindle. It means shorter content has become more prominent, and videos have taken the same route, becoming more concise.

Research shows that 86 percent of businesses use video as a marketing tool. Moreover, 92 percent of markets believe video marketing is valuable for their marketing strategies. Studies also show that 93 percent of marketers believe video is more effective than other content types at conversions.

These statistics and figures demonstrate the importance of video marketing to marketing strategies. However, how you use videos can be a game-changer. Creating long-form videos to attract customers and generate leads is the wrong approach. While long-form video content certainly has its place, the world is now fixated on shorter-length videos.

Businesses often only have a few seconds to engage their target audience. As a result, videos must be short, appealing, and compelling. TikTok’s success indicates that shorter videos are significantly more effective at generating leads because the audience doesn’t have to invest a significant chunk of their time into the content. Instead, a few seconds are enough to determine if they like a brand’s tone and personality, affecting whether they’ll purchase its offerings.

Businesses and marketers often wonder how to get their video content to reach the most people possible. Utilizing YouTube – the world’s most popular video streaming platform—seems the obvious solution.

Research shows that YouTube has over two billion monthly active users. Collectively, these users watch over a billion hours of content daily. As a result, most people’s first instinct is to open YouTube when searching for videos. In addition, it’s also an excellent platform because it has a diverse user base.

While approximately 77 percent of US internet users between 15 and 25 use YouTube, it’s also remarkably popular with older audiences. As a result, the platform is a goldmine for marketers and businesses looking to reach more customers. Most corporations became privy to YouTube’s popularity earlier, resulting in the channel becoming more corporatized. However, the platform’s latest feature, YouTube Shorts, creates more opportunities for marketers and businesses.

YouTube was one of the last platforms to support short-form video content. But YouTube Shorts is the platform’s bid to compete with TikTok and Instagram Reels. It allows you to create vertical, sixty-second videos to connect with users you previously couldn’t reach. However, more importantly, YouTube Shorts is an excellent choice because its aspect ratio is geared toward mobile devices.

As a digital marketing agency, you’ll want to incorporate YouTube Shorts into your client’s marketing strategy to help them achieve their desired objectives.

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How to Use YouTube Shorts for Your Client’s Marketing Strategy
How to Use YouTube Shorts for Your Client’s Marketing Strategy

How to Use YouTube Shorts for Your Client’s Marketing Strategy

Keep videos short

YouTube Shorts has a maximum time limit for videos. They can’t be longer than sixty seconds. This limitation means you’ll want to adopt a different approach when creating videos for your client’s marketing campaign. You must get straight to the point when creating videos. You’ll also want to ensure videos have the right aspect ratio and the content is relevant and interesting for audiences.

More importantly, having only a few seconds to capture the audience’s attention means you’ll need to start videos with attention-grabbing lines or stories. In addition, anyone who has used YouTube knows the importance of captivating thumbnails. Such thumbnails have become a norm among content creators on the platform because they’re essential for standing out.

Use the right tone

YouTube’s popularity means it’s home to various types of content. Some content creators and businesses provide valuable and informational content, while others use YouTube Shorts for comedic purposes.

Following a similar tone for YouTube Shorts videos is essential. Evaluate your client’s target audience before creating videos. The ideal tone for these videos will also depend on what your client wants to achieve. For instance, if your client works in the insurance industry and wants to position itself as an industry leader, you’ll want to use an informative tone in YouTube Shorts videos.

After assessing these factors, you can create the ideal YouTube Shorts video content strategy. Of course, this information will also affect other factors, like YouTube SEO, optimization, and content promotion.

Optimize YouTube Shorts titles

Title optimization is also crucial for YouTube shorts. There’s no point in creating high-quality videos if no one watches them. YouTube’s algorithm uses hashtags to display Shorts to viewers. Therefore, ensure you use hashtags in the title and video description. Video titles should also include keywords and be limited to 50 to 70 characters.

Repurpose YouTube Shorts

Short-form video content has become especially popular in the past few years. It’s an excellent way to reach a broad audience. But repurposing content can help you extract more value from it.

For instance, you could create a YouTube Shorts video for a client and use it to develop a longer blog post. You could also embed the YouTube Shorts video on the client’s website and link the longer blog post in the video’s description. Similarly, you can create an infographic based on the YouTube Shorts video and share it on other social media platforms.

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