How to use Social Media Marketing to Grow Your Business

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How to use Social Media Marketing to Grow Your Business

If you have a new start-up or any business, you likely spend a lot of time finding out the latest social media marketing tips. According to Hoot suite, social media platforms reached 490 million users in 2020, increasing the growth rate from 2019. In addition, 15.5 million people join social media every single second.

There are almost 4.2 billion users active in social media, and nearly five years ago, there were twice as many as there. The users spend 2.5 hours on social media platforms every single day. And those nearly 2.5 hours give an unbelievable opportunity for businesses to build brand awareness, engage the customers, develop relationships and generate sales. Therefore, social media should play a significant role in brand strategy for business and success.

Tips for using social media marketing to grow your business

Pick the right social media platform.

If you want to grow your business by using social media marketing, you must know that all platforms are not created equally. Each platform follows its purpose, and they all have strengths and weaknesses. Your audience and industry should define the social media sites you select to use. Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are the right platform to invest in for many small and large businesses.

  • Facebook

Facebook is a great platform to connect with various community groups, either personal or local. You can engage with your user by commenting on their shared post related to products, blog articles, or local events. And also, promote your products or blog articles to various related groups that help to visible your brand around the community. You can also share the news from key neighborhoods to establish yourself as a thought leader.

  • Instagram

A completely visual medium, Instagram is one of the best social media platforms for sharing photos and videos. This platform gives an excellent opportunity to build originality for your brand. First, You can easily target specific groups with high followers through tagging. And second, you can also use the relevant hashtags related to your business and increase your brand’s visibility around the people.

  • Linkedin

LinkedIn is the best platform for social media marketing to share photos and videos of your businesses. It is also used for networking and building your industry reputation. Before promoting in LinkedIn, make sure you join and participate in many groups related to your business and connect with VIPS or business professionals. You can also post various professional tips, sharing interesting facts that your audience will enjoy.

If you are unsure what platforms are right for your industry, look up your competitors. Suppose they use other platforms like pin interest, Twitter, or even Snap chat. Then, include those in your promotion strategy to attack.

Learn best practices of social media 

The key to learning best practices of social media for each different platform is time. To grow your small business by using social media marketing won’t happen overnight. So it would be best if you keep patience. Each platform has its own rules, written and unwritten, and various forms to connect with your audience.

The best tip to learn these rules is to see what your competitors are doing in the same niche. Then, give yourself time to figure out the things. Then, create a strategy, evaluate the results and adjust along the way. Remember one thing, Social media marketing is an ever-changing world, so it may take some hit and miss to find your channel.

Set realistic goals

You would like to have 100000 followers on your Instagram account within the next eight months; this can be tricky. But is that possible, and are those followers equal to real success? Unfortunately, when you are just starting to use social media marketing to grow your business, it is difficult to predict what is possible and a channel’s dream for followers.

You might get away with creating a valuable piece of content that only receive one share or two share. You rarely spend time on a tweet or Facebook post and see many engagements. Don’t spend too much time and energy worrying about the number of followers. One hundred engaged and interested followers in your product are worth more than 10k random followers.

It is particularly true if your business is extremely local, such as a natural agent or retail store. You should focus on acquiring the right followers who live in your community groups, not just anyone random on the platform.

Buying fake followers to increase your numbers is a quick fix to see a large follower, but it is not a long-term solution. It is a bad tactic to represent your brand. It usually leads to social platforms penalizing your businesses and pages. Let’s grow your pages and business organically with the right types of followers.

  Track and measure the performance 

The estimate of your performance will depend on your goal. How you estimate your performance will depend on your goal. As we have already discovered, using social media marketing to grow your small business is very personal.

As discussed previously, follower count is not the only benefit that matters. It would be best if you should also be keeping an eye on:

  • Likes
  • Mention
  • Impression
  • Comments
  • Direct messages

You can select one of these metrics and create a goal, or you can watch them all and see whether you are trending in the right direction or not. But, of course, any of your goals is to make sure you check it at regular intervals.

Create a high-quality, valuable content  

Content creation is one of the most critical and time-consuming tasks for using social media marketing to grow your small business. You need first to understand what the audience wants from you. Then you have to spend time researching, writing, sharing, and promoting that content.

According to the Martech advisor, 56% of consumers would buy a brand with the help of appropriate content. However, they also found 74% of people find themselves frustrated by inappropriate content. Inappropriate usually means too self-promotional; that is why we suggest following the 80/20 rule that helps create an excellent social media post and a powerful impact on your business.

Share and engage your audience.

You can work with social media marketing software like a buffer or take a DIY (Do it yourself) approach. If you are posting your content on social media, you also need to take the time to engage. Many people think that replying to a comment on a post is all you have to do. But the fact is, you should focus on each account that builds a community. This community enables people to engage with both your brand and each other.

How you do that is your choice, but the first step is to create a space to find each other. Your audience may be bike enthusiasts looking to buy and sell upgrade tips with industry specialists or first-time homebuyers who need mortgage advice. Whoever are they, ensure you put in the time to get to know them as individuals. Find new tips you can help them, and then create the content they are looking for. If you all do this frequently, you consistently build your group of fans and grow your business through social media.

Final Thoughts

Social media marketing is one of the essential marketing platforms to showcase your business to the public. It can seem strange at first, but if you break down the process step by step, you will know how to grow a small business through social media marketing. This step helps you increase your business from bottom to top-level and teaches you to engage with your customers. Finally, remember, all types of content and strategies are not working for all companies; you need to test each step and continue to improve.

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How to use Social Media Marketing to Grow Your Business