How to Use Social Media for Launching a New Product

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How to Use Social Media for Launching a New Product

Create a Buzz by Launching your New Product on Social Media

Billions and billions of people are falling back on social media in their day-to-day lives for various activities. Social media is the new generation knowledge center, and the buzz that it has created in people’s minds is impeccable. Around 3.196 billion people use social media on Earth as of 2018, which has seen an upward rise since 2017 by 13 %. With access to such a vast audience, marketing through social media has become an undeniable tool for business strategy.

Why Use Social Media for New Product Launch?

With social media advertising revenue growing 10.5 % annually, it has been estimated to be up to $51.3 billion. Due to such rapid growth in social media advertising, branding has become a favorable scenario in the social circuit. But it should be kept in mind that not only is the exposure of social media guiding various business sectors to rely more upon using social media for their marketing and product launches, but there are also a few other reasons as follows:

Brand Visibility

Increasing and widespread exposure of new products on social media has led to reliability on social networking platforms. When a new product is launched, branding becomes essential, and creating awareness for the product can be done in the best possible way only through social media.

Customer Loyalty

Before a new product is launched, building up a solid customer base is very important for any product or company. Only through a sturdy loyal following can a product be more successfully established in the market.

Generation of Leads

It is always easier to generate leads through social media for a new product by building an interest in the brand through various advertising and marketing strategies. The best way companies and brands use it is through a giveaway.

Giveaway is the new marketing technique in which companies give their new launching product to the people free of cost. So, here are two significant benefits to the company, the 1st is people will come to know that a new product will launch soon and the 2nd one is people use their product and share their opinions.

So, nowadays, giveaways are becoming more and more popular to market the new products. So many influencers, marketers, bloggers, or YouTubers promote the development.

How to Use Social Media for Launching a New Product

If you do not want to restrict yourself by investing in pay-per-click advertisements and launching a press release for your new product, social media marketing is the best way to launch your product. To know how to launch a new product on social media, you need to follow a step by step guide and know certain specific tricks, and we are here to enlighten you with a few of them:

Start Early

To get hold of a good target audience and acquire traction, set up a good landing page and build up the suspense for your customers without giving away too much information.

You can share this landing page with your email subscribers too. Your primary focus would be creating an attractive landing page that attracts more users or customers so that they click on it and learn more about your new launching product. People love creative and unique things. So, make it more creative!

But make sure you don’t put every single piece of information or features or description of your product. Don’t be a spoilsport!

Incorporate Creativity

Add a challenge or other promotional offers to boost up the traffic for your product. This will engage more audiences to participate, and they will get more involved with the product.

Go for a Countdown

A countdown is a great medium to build more interest in any product or specific content. It is intriguing and attracts more attention. Just think about the new year’s countdown and how we all are waiting for midnight! And the last 10 seconds are like the most awaited moments of life. So when DJ started the countdown, people began more attention and were excited about the new year.

We should do the same thing to engage and attract more users or customers to our new product. The last ten days or one week would be the best time. It would be best to create social media and email marketing campaigns to remind your customers that we will launch our new product soon.

Produce Behind-The-Scene Videos

It is a very innovative and unconventional method of doing things before launching a new product on social media. In addition, it helps to keep the audience’s interests in line with the production values.

Get it Right in All Important Social Networking Sites.

When building a profile for the company or the new product, make sure the following information is all available on the respective social media sites:


  1. About Us page
  2. Location with a map
  3. All contact information, including email and phone numbers
  4. Site link


  1. Site link
  2. Branded hashtags in the bio
  3. Contact information
  4. Location
  5. A brief bio


  1. Site link
  2. Brand description
  3. Store location


  1. Site link
  2. City location
  3. Brief brand description

Choose the right Hashtag

To be a part of the social media craze and become viral or make your product viral, you need to create the most suitable and perfect hashtag to attract more target audiences.

Keep Yourself Updated on Social Media

To create the best views for your new product launch, you need to be always active on social media like the other millions of users to spread your reach. Therefore, regular posts and updates are essential.

Involve Bloggers and Influencers

To create hype about your new product launch, you need to collaborate with bloggers and other such internet influencers to spread the word about your new product on blogs and other websites and create backlinks.

Plan and set up an Event Date

A pre-launch event is a must. Setting up a proper timetable via social media build-ups is a necessary prerequisite to a successful media launch for a new product. Make sure it is done flawlessly.

Don’t forget that it is about the build-up on social media and the final day of launch. So keep taking more and more pictures and updating your launch party live on social media because this is where it all begins!

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How to Use Social Media for Launching a New Product

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