How to Use Social Media as a Learning Tool

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As social media continues to evolve, we are finding more ways to take advantage of this very useful online platform. More than just communication, social media has become a tool for marketing, sales, recruitment, entertainment, and even education. If you are an educator, it will be a great idea to use social media as a teaching tool. This can help your students see social media as more than just a source of entertainment. Here are some ways on how you can use social media as a learning tool for your students.

  1. Make use of blogging platforms for assignments

Do you assign essays often? Why not make use of this opportunity to help your students learn how to blog, which can eventually become their own writing portfolio? The good thing about having your students create blogs for essays instead of writing them down on paper is you get to lessen your paperwork and they can just send you links to their assignments via email or chat.

  1. Pin educational resources on Pinterest

A good way to make educational resources more enticing is by making use of Pinterest. By using eye-catching graphics and linking them to websites that can be useful for your students’ research, you can make their research more interesting for them. This can also be a good way for you to keep track of the resources you find online, in case you want to make use of them for your future lessons or discussions with your class.

  1. Use social media to spread awareness on education-related matters

Many news websites also make use of various social media platforms to share news and updates about various topics. If you want your students and their parents to be constantly updated with current events, especially with things that are related to their education, you can share with the social media posts that they should read about.

  1. Create a Facebook group for collaborative learning

Learning is more fun when you do it with others. To make discussions, projects, and assignments more fun, you can start a group with your class and let them collaborate with the whole class. They can make use of this Facebook group to share resources, ask questions, help each other, and have fun while learning.

Social Media as a Learning Tool

  1. Provide opportunities for global exposure

Social media can reach almost anyone, wherever they may be around the world. If you want your students to have a better understanding of how people live from other parts of the globe, you can connect them with other students from all over the world. This can help them have a better grasp of how different their lives can be from other kids their age. This also allows them to understand the hardship that other people may be experiencing due to poverty, war, global warming, and other crisis that they might not yet have full awareness of.

  1. Use social media to connect students with potential employers

LinkedIn is a very popular social media platform when it comes to finding professional connections. With various companies, including the biggest brands from all over the world, sharing updates and employment opportunities through this platform, students and teachers can take advantage of these connections to find the right professional exposure suited to their course or studies.

  1. Share educational videos

With more and more quality video content made available online, teachers and students can find more ways to learn about a variety of topics. If you want your students to make use of these videos for their learning, you can share the video links with them and let them enjoy watching the content while learning at the same time.

  1. Provide social media-based activities to hone students’ creativity

From creating graphics and images to shooting and editing videos, you can help your students hone their artistic skills via social media. Give them projects and other activities that can help them enhance their creativity and artistic skills, then have them share it with everyone in your group or even through their own social media account to help promote Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram growth, which can then lead to future employment opportunities.

As we continue to improve our use of technology in our everyday lives, knowing how to educate ourselves with the many uses of social media is also important. If you want your students to make use of technology to learn about the world better, then make use of these tips to help them see social media as more than just a tool for communication and entertainment, but also for learning and growth.

How to Use Social Media as a Learning Tool

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