How to Use Social Media Apps to Boost Real Estate Business

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How to Use Social Media Apps to Boost Real Estate Business

Social media has become a necessity of today’s business world. Businesses of all types and sizes can get numerous benefits from social presence. The importance of social media for the real estate business cannot be ignored as well.

The real estate business is one of the few businesses that realized the importance of online presence and social media late. However, even nowadays, not many real estate agents know about the proper use of social media apps.

According to a study conducted in America by the National Association of Realtors, social media has become an integral part of generating potential leads easily. Here are brief statistics of the result of the report.  

  • 99% of million start the search for a house online compared to in-person referrals.
  • 77 % of realtors use social media for real estate in some shape, way, or form.
  • 47 % of realtor businesses have reported that social media generated more potential leads versus other sources.

In short, Social Media is an absolute need of the real estate business. This article will discuss how the realtor can use social media properly to boost the business.

Social Media apps for marketing Real estate:

Working in property businesses means you are crazy busy; that is why it is necessary to prioritize social apps that are more beneficial than others. The following apps are most realtors’ top picks based on the survey.

  • Instagram 39%
  • Facebook 97%
  • LinkedIn 59%


Facebook is the easiest social media app that can be used to market for real estate dealers and agents. Facebook is a staple of marketing for real estate agents. Facebook is the most popular app, and there are millions of users worldwide. Facebook allows you to reach potential clients faster with the right marketing strategy. Around half of the property, searchers use Facebook at least once for the house of their dreams.

For instance, you can use the platform to publish listing-related updates and content, appointments, communicate with clients, and generate reviews on the site. In addition, you can use Facebook to boost business by following methods.

Create Facebook Page

Join Relevant Facebook groups to stay updated and create the one for your company to involve the community in events and property-related talks. Establish your authentic place in groups by staying active.

Facebook Marketplace for properties:

Facebook marketplace is a comparatively newer space at Facebook. It helps promote new listings and allows you a place for instant communication with clients.


Instagram is a great place to share visuals with catchy descriptions to attract real estate clients. Instagram stories of realtors are shared about houses and apartments for sale. Here are a few of the ways to boost business using social media.


Hashtags are the trendiest way to catch the attention of buyers. An appealing hashtag with an adorable 15-second video can generate more leads than you can ever imagine. Use relevant hashtags like #RealEstateDealers, #house for sale, #Houseofyourdreams, etc.

Optimize business by:

  • Writing attractive bio
  • Set up a business account to make your presence official.
  • Add related website links and mention contact information.

Direct Message Services:

Send direct messages to the viewers interested in your stories and images on the page. Stay active and stay connected.


LinkedIn is one of the most successful ways to boost business. According to the demographics of LinkedIn, the application makes a great source to generate leads and B2B marketers looking to find targeted and motivating audiences for the campaigns. LinkedIn is used mainly by highly educated, and serious buyers rely on LinkedIn to find authentic listings. Here are a few ways to boost business using LinkedIn.

A comprehensive company Profile:

To make your business lead and stand out, the first step is to create a comprehensive company profile. To do this, do not leave any space blanks and add every tiny detail to the bio page. The details include:

  • Company URL.
  • Links to your social apps.
  • Experience of you as a real estate agent.

Do you have experience working for others? Are there any projects which your company has marketed successfully? Are there any you are currently working on? Add those details as well. Moreover, create a professional-looking banner, an image of your company, a logo, and the company page header.

Join LinkedIn groups:

Like Facebook and Instagram, join real estate groups on LinkedIn. Ensure that the groups include members of your target audience. For example, join the groups with the international community and local communities. It will help you stay updated, and also, you can share your information to attract people to your website and generate leads.

Use LinkedIn Features:

There are many features of LinkedIn that are helpful to boost the business. For example, you can use the LinkedIn feature of “Recommended for You” to reach potential clients.

Allow email contacts synchronization:

Allow LinkedIn to synchronize with email contacts automatically. It will let people explore your site better, and they can reach you using multiple social media platforms.

So that’s a wrap! While using social media apps, remember Andrew Davis saying:

Create moments of inspiration that send people on a journey.”

How to Use Social Media Apps to Boost Real Estate Business