How to use LinkedRadar to Get Customers
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How to use LinkedRadar to Get Customers

As of November 2021, LinkedIn’s registered users worldwide have reached 700 million members. This world-renowned workplace social platform dedicated to building a “one-stop career development platform” has helped many professionals create unlimited opportunities, including social networking, Marketing, recruitment, and other methods. But many people often encounter some complex problems when using LinkedIn: low efficiency and long time-consuming. If you use LinkedIn Automation Tool LinkedRadar to operate LinkedIn, it may be a good choice. You can quickly find users and get in touch with them.

LinkedIn is a global social platform and an essential channel for precise development and sales of customers for cross-border foreign trade people.

So, how to use the LinkedIn CRM tool LinkedRadar to query users and send information?

Register Account

Register LinkedRadar and log in to your account, click “get started,” Add a LinkedIn account, log in to your LinkedIn account, wait 30-60 seconds, and set the country and location after entering.

Search Leads for Connections

Enter LinkedIn, click “people”, copy search URL to LinkedRadar.

Copy the URL to the red box, click “search,” and wait for ten seconds.

After that, you can find many accurate users on LinkedIn.

You can see these users when you enter LinkedRadar, and you can view their personal information by clicking on their avatars.

Leads Campaign

Create a new leads campaign, enter the keywords you want to query, and click the blue button “new campaign.”

  • Enter “leads,” select “Assign all leads,” notice: each disconnected lead only can be assigned to one lead’s campaign.

Select a campaign to assign leads, click “Assign,” and then we can find people in the Leads campaign.”

  • Select “Automation,” set the conditions, and it can be sent automatically. In the “setting,” you can select the date and time of sending the email and select the conditions for saving the settings.

How to use LinkedIn for e-commerce?

1. “Keywords” search for target customers

LinkedIn is a global social and recruitment platform, with people from all walks of life distributed on it, including industries not limited to sales, e-commerce, and specific positions: CEO, purchaser, product developer, etc. You may wish to spend your free time at work. If you search on LinkedIn, there may be surprises.

Of course, you need to enter the related keyword terms; LinkedIn will help you screen some users. But if you want to get a batch of users and send them visit emails, you also need to use the LinkedIn mass messaging tool: LinkedRadar.

LinkedRadar allows users to find their target users in a short period and establish and expand their own e-commerce sales activities and tasks. However, many e-commerce practitioners do not know that LinkedIn is a way to acquire customers.

2. Looking for users who leave negative reviews on Amazon shop

The impact of negative reviews on a new store is self-evident. In many cases, we cannot get the contact information of shoppers on Amazon. However, according to the name and continent of the user who left the negative review, we can find this person with a high probability. After we have their LinkedIn account, we can check the other party’s information and request to modify the negative review by sending an email.

3. Make product and company announcements

Social platforms have secretly placed a lot of advertisements, and many companies are doing information streaming on Facebook and Twitter, leading to increased competition and rising costs. Therefore, many companies and manufacturers choose to advertise on LinkedIn. Don’t underestimate this feature. As long as your ads are attractive and your products are cost-effective, many people will come to you to negotiate.

4. Looking for high-quality companies

Many companies and personnel recruiters will choose to settle on LinkedIn, and there are also product developers and R&D personnel. If there is a company we intend to cooperate with or are seeking global partners, it is very suitable to find a target on LinkedIn. Enter keywords and search for specific companies; then, you can view recent trends and industry information, which is very helpful for investigating the background of customers. Of course, you can also contact such large companies and show them your products. Once purchased by a large company, it is too easy to make money. If you look at Huawei’s official LinkedIn account, Huawei is currently recruiting development teams for wireless chipsets and automotive chips in Munich, the city of the automotive industry; recruiting software engineers in Istanbul; recruiting basic research scientists in Zurich and Russia…

The global usage of LinkedIn is still very high, and many people have truly experienced the benefits of LinkedIn: a letter from LinkedIn can get a job, and there is nothing more reasonable and cost-effective than this platform.

At the same time, LinkedIn has also opened up global channels. For example, headhunting companies can use LinkedIn to find many talents to engage in cross-border e-commerce trade every year. In addition, most of the world’s top 20 Internet companies are LinkedIn users. . Some of the core people needed by these companies are tapped through LinkedIn, and LinkedIn is also very useful without spending money to buy members.

How to use LinkedRadar to Get Customers

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