How to use Instagram to Grow Your eCommerce Business

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There was a time when all people had for entertainment, information, and business was Facebook. But now, with time, things have changed. There are so many other platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, and, most importantly, Instagram in business that people’s attention is slowly drifting away from Facebook.

Especially if you are running an eCommerce business, you need to get your hands on Instagram right now. Instagram has 800 million monthly active users, which is a lot if you consider it. You can cash this massive user engagement to increase your sales and followers as a business owner. Instagram is a visual platform; honestly, it’s easier to build your audience here because you have to focus more on your photography and editing skills than anything else. Your tags, descriptions, and videos matter on Instagram, but what matters the most are the pictures you post.

Now, if you are someone new to Instagram and need some quick and effective tips to help you expand your eCommerce business, then you are at the right place, reading the right article. Today we will jot down a few ways that have always been a total win for the eCommerce industry.

Your posts must speak of your business.

Running an eCommerce store is not only about focusing on increasing sales. No, it’s not only that; if you want all of this to be effective for you, then you need to establish the name of your brand in the best possible way and fo,r that every single post must exude your business at some level. It would help if you personalized everything on Instagram to make it work for you. From your pictures to your captions, you need to convince your audience that yes, you are worth their time and yes, you do
have something unique to sell to them.

Follow the rule of thirds. 

You don’t have to sound or seem too promotional because that can also be big trouble for your business. It’s always better to follow the rule of thirds and deliver a balanced message to your audience. Your post shouldn’t always be about selling your products or asking people to take the products from you. You should sometimes use conversational posts and posts that can influence your
an audience so that they know that you do care about them.

Use hashtags

You can get free Instagram followers, but you shouldn’t mistake not using hashtags and not posting content that can bring you more and more customers. Know that followers are just a number, but what matters is that you engage those followers and make them buy what you have. There are a total of 30 hashtags allowed per post, and we’d suggest you use all 30 of them
because these hashtags can magically bring you, followers.

Content is the king

Lastly, we’d say that your content is the number one thing you need to put all your focus on. You see your pictures, editing skills,r photography, captions, etc., and everything matters to your audience. If you want to make your eCommerce business work, then you need to focus on unique and interesting content no matter what.


These are some main ways to help you expand your eCommerce business. So, use these tips, and we assure you that you won’t be disappointed with the results and the outcomes.

How to use Instagram to Grow Your eCommerce Business

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