How to Use Instagram Stories for Business

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Instagram has become a perfect source for businesses to promote their message and get leads. Today, we will explain how Instagram Stories are helpful and how you can use them to get the maximum result.

Why Are Instagram Stories A Powerful Tool for Business?

With the huge daily user base, Instagram stories offer businesses a perfect opportunity to promote their messages. You can reach out to your potential customers effectively and turn them into your customers possibly.

It was launched back in 2016, and its popularity has broken many records, now it is one of the most influential sub-features of Instagram. If a business owner focuses on their marketing campaign through Instagram, he can still reap some amazing results. You’ll also be amazed to learn that the average number of posts on the newsfeed has decreased since its launch.  

There are reasons other than a huge fanbase that why it is considered an essential business tool. Firstly, you can build your relationships with the audience more effectively using Instagram Stories. Your message gets the user’s full attention as it displays over the full screen, so the visitor cannot ignore it.

How to Boost Engagement with Instagram Stories for Business?

Instagram offers several interesting and easy-to-use features that can make your stories catchy and interesting. Now, everyone knows engagement is key to success at Instagram, and you’ll also have to boost the engagement of stories to get the results.

To encourage the user to interact with your stories, you need to bring him to your content. For more story views, you need to have a good-size followers count. For that, you can buy Instagram Followers to start getting better reach and exposure to your story’s content. There are many other engagement boosting techniques for your Instagram Stories, but you need to give them more time, and subsequently, it requires more effort.

Ideas for Creating Instagram Stories

Post Content Consistently

Being a marketer, always stay connected with your followers by consistently posting your content. Unfortunately, we cannot post many pictures on our newsfeed, but Instagram Stories is a good way of posting all of your content, including random shots.

If you do not have much time to manage the posting, you can also schedule your post for peak times. This way, you get free from the hassle of posting at different times.

Develop How-to and Advice Content

Several studies and experiments have shown that the more likely content to get better engagement is how-to and advice/tip/suggestion content. You can cover different topics relevant to your niche. For instance, if you’re selling fitness-related products, you can ask questions about your fitness. Similarly, you can share other health and fitness-related tips to build an interest factor into your content.

Go Behind the Scenes

Instagram has earned a massive reputation as an informal content platform where you share your story’s original side. The newsfeed is usually a formal content-type platform whereas models, and brands share random, behind-the-scenes content at Instagram Stories. But what’s the point of sharing behind-the-scenes photos, particularly at Instagram Stories.

Since, as described earlier, Instagram stories can help you win your potential audience’s interest. It is because if you’re sharing behind-the-scenes content, the audience will get to know how you’re manufacturing your products. This way, they will be sure that the products you’re selling are nothing but of excellent quality.


You have a message that should be conveyed to your audience instantly. Of course, posting it on a newsfeed is not ideal; instead, it has proven that Instagram Stories are much better when conveying the message instantly.


According to, Collaborating with other Influencers on Instagram stories is another great way to post your content. This is the time when you can get comparatively higher engagement plus an addition to your followers count as well.

If you’re a business owner, then teaming up with different influencers can reach your content. So it is a win-win situation for both participants who are collaborating.


Asking different questions at your stories is not a new way to prompt visitors to interact with your content. But, those days have gone, when even asking boring questions can get you good results. So, now you’ve to come up with good ideas and some natural questions that urge the audience to participate in your polls.

Polls are also an excellent way to do market research, getting customer’s feedback, and doing a bit of fun. So keep on using this format and make it a part of your content strategy.

How to Use Instagram Stories for Business

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