How to Use Hashtags in Your Marketing Strategy

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How to Use Hashtags in Your Marketing Strategy

It is no surprise that we frequently, particularly on Twitter and Instagram, utilize hashtags. Even so, chances are good that you’ve already used them on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Pinterest.

But are you aware of the suitable hashtag usage techniques for more specialized marketing campaigns?

Hashtags can offer you a wealth of benefits if you utilize them wisely. They can be utilized for various purposes, including expanding the audience for your content, promoting brand awareness, focusing on a particular demographic, enhancing SEO, and capitalizing on popular trends and themes.

This post will discuss a few ways to leverage hashtags to the best of your ability, learn how to use them appropriately, and learn about the benefits of using them in your social media marketing strategy. Also, we will be highlighting a few brand examples that used hashtags in their hashtag marketing campaign to achieve their business objectives seamlessly.

Let’s get started with the post immediately without any further ado!

What is a Hashtag?

A word or phrase appearing after the hash mark (#) is a hashtag.

The main function of hashtags is to help social media platforms categorize their content, which facilitates user searching across millions of postings. On Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, hashtags can be used to follow popular subjects.

As they assist and maximize brand reach, hashtags are frequently used in hashtag marketing campaigns. Chris Messina, a former Google employee, is responsible for the hashtag’s origins in social media. According to Chris, a developer relations expert and designer, Twitter should divide tweets into categories using hashtags (#).

Users started to utilize the hashtag after Messina did so as the first user to do so on a social media network. It took some time for the craze to spread, but as of now, the hashtag can be seen on all social media platforms and Twitter.

How to Use Hashtags in Your Marketing Strategy

How to Use Hashtags correctly?
How to Use Hashtags correctly?

Now that you know an overview of hashtags, if you are wondering about the different ways you can leverage hashtags, continue reading. We shall also be highlighting a few things that you need to know and keep in mind while including them in your upcoming campaigns.

  • Simplicity is key

It is crucial to pick a hashtag that people resonate with and is easy to remember. In the world of social media, plenty of hashtags are spread out. You will not get the required results if your hashtag is difficult to understand, lengthy, or even too vague or generic. 

Make sure the hashtag you decided should be short, to the point, and easy to type. It ought to convey to your listeners what the campaign’s subject is. Finding topics that your audience will be interested in is crucial. The hashtags that are relevant to your content and business that are currently being discussed are what you need to find. Utilizing hashtags on social media can help you communicate with a community, categorize your content, and enable users to follow trends.

  • Before using a hashtag, research it.

Check the relevant social media network to ensure your hashtag isn’t misused. Make sure you don’t pick a hashtag that could be interpreted negatively or another brand already uses it to promote itself.

When hashtags are used effectively, they contribute to online discussion, raise brand awareness, and eventually boost sales. So, keep your target audience in mind when choosing the ideal hashtags.

Check to see if others are using it and what they are saying. If you want your content to stand out, using a derogatory hashtag might not be the ideal strategy. Therefore, it’s preferable to do your homework beforehand.

  • Avoid Using Hashtags Excessively

Hashtags are a crucial component of social media strategy. They increase your company’s visibility so you may reach a larger audience with the message about your products. Additionally, people will remember your hashtag quickly if you use it frequently on various platforms.

Each social media network, however, has a specific frequency for hashtags that works for it, and going over that limit may result in lower interaction. For example, studies using ten or more hashtags can lower engagement by 68.2%.

Benefits of using Hashtags in your social media marketing strategies

1. Improve your followers’ interaction with you

You can join a discussion on a particular social media platform by using hashtags in your postings. Your posts are visible in that discourse, perhaps the most significant aspect.

Increasing interaction through likes, shares, comments, and new followers can help your brand’s social media presence.

2. Make it easier for your intended audience to locate you

Users can follow hashtags and other users on LinkedIn and Instagram. Another technique to assist new users in finding your business is by using a few well-liked hashtags.

If, for instance, you use #pizza on Instagram, somebody else who follows the hashtag will end up seeing your post, and there is a chance that they might follow you.

3. Branded hashtags can help you increase brand recognition

Using your company’s name is a simple example of a branded hashtag.

You may effectively advertise your company and spark conversations by developing a branded hashtag.

Examples of Brands Using Hashtags in their Marketing campaign

  • #OreoHorrorStories by Oreo 

Oreo has mastered how to effectively promote itself on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, considering the success of its previous campaigns. However, the #OreoHorrorStories is an all-time favorite amongst its consumers. 

The company posted many humorous vines over Halloween that parodied some of the most well-known horror movie moments showcasing Oreo cookie as a lead. It delighted their followers and made them popular during the holiday season.

  • #ShareACoke by Coca-Cola 

As the campaign reshaped Coca-social Cola’s media image, this is a classic example of how to use hashtags to the best of your ability. By providing custom labels for bottles, the company long ago came up with the concept of sharing a Coke. Customers can split a Coke with them and give Coca-Cola as gifts.

The brand also launched a website where clients could order their own Coke. Working with celebrities like Ryan Seacrest and Selena Gomez helped the campaign become even more well-known.


While we are set to call it a wrap, we are sure that you must be completely ready to revamp your social media marketing strategy by incorporating hashtags in them! 

Go on and start right away to see your brand grow tremendously.