How to Use Google Search Operators
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How to Use Google Search Operators – SEO Tools

How to use Google search operators 

If you have been using SEO for a while, you can testify how integral Google search operators are. They make using Google a whole lot easier and better. Searching for something on Google could be a tough task due to the volume of results Google gives you, making finding the specific information you are looking for tough. This makes it very important to understand what Google search operators are and, even more important, how to use them. In this article, we will explore how to use search operators effectively.

Using Search operators

Search operators are pretty easy to use, and they exist in different types: Advanced, Boolean, and Punctuation-based search operators. They all use the same principle. You have to add the search operator to your search query. Once you add your search operator, narrowed-down search results will appear. The most important thing you have to note is that the search operator needs to be correct or get rather inaccurate results. Most of the search operators are short. This means they are straightforward to memorize. Mastering these search operators can take time, but once you master them, your life will be a whole lot easier.

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Punctuation based Google search operators

With Punctuation search operators, you can use certain punctuation symbols to narrow down your search. These reduce the number of results Google is most likely to give you but improves the quality and accuracy. A symbol is added before the word you are searching for.

Example: Search query + America

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When you add a + search query to the term Lennon all the results you get will have to include America.

Boolean Google Search operator 

Boolean search combines keywords of the search query with the Boolean search operator. The Boolean search operator in most instances between the keywords of the search query. The two main Boolean search operators are NOT and OR

Example: Search query  Texas AND Washington

Adding the Boolean search operator will give you results for the two terms. (note that the expression has to be in capital letters)

Advanced Google Search operators

These are specific characters that are added before a search query to obtain certain results.

Example: Search query    

intitle: Independence

Using the intitle search operator will only give you pages with the keyword ‘Independence’ in the title. 

As you can see, there are lots of Google search operators that refine search results, and knowing many of them makes your Google experience a whole lot more convenient!

How to Use Google Search Operators

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