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How to Use Branded Promotional Items to Boost Your Business

Giving out branded promotional articles is the best way to keep your business name high in front of existing and potential customers. Just remember a day when a company gave you something highly useful item, the name of the company surely pop-up into your mind for the long run or whenever you use its products. Therefore, in the race of quality products, branded promotional items always lead the industry. As these products are a little expensive, so the companies prefer to giveaway them to target audience only, here is how:

Promote your Products on Social Media

Social media is a platform where any company can target any type of audience. At these platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Pinterest or many more, the audience can be easily diversified according to gender, profession, income or geographical diversity. Therefore, if you offer your product to a certain category based on marketing strategies. In addition, if the people post your brand’s product by using them, it will provide a great boost to your business.

Conduct Contests on the Internet

There are many people that are always excited to participate in online contests and win special price from them. In addition, they also prefer to share and show off their winning with pears and dears. Therefore, targeting those people over various contests can benefit your brand promotion a lot. So, from shirts, t-shirts, drinkware, headwear to any writing instruments, you can gift anything to them.

Use your Products as Awards

Apart from online, there are many offline contests and competitions conducted at various meets. Many of them are conducted by NGOs that always need sponsors for their events. So, you can be a part of their sponsor team and offer your promotional items as an award for the winner. With these awards, you can also get a chance to be on news headlines without paying a penny to print media. Apart from NGOs, you can also offer your products to schools, colleges, or club events.

Use Buy-one-get-one offer

This is one of the best ways to promote your branded products. People always want to acquire branded products at very low rates. Therefore, from online to offline stores they always look for big discounts, sales or other offers. So, offering your product with the buy-one-get-one offer is a great way to attract people toward your store. This offer attracts everyone, even people won’t come with the motive to purchase.

Offer your product to existing customers

As per the study, a business earns 80% of the earnings from its present customers and 20% from the fresh. Therefore, it will be good to say, your present customers are the real ideal for your business promotions. So, offering your branded product to them is the best way to boost your brand image. In addition, it will motivate them to come back at your doorstep.

Some Other Useful Tips

To make your campaign successful, there some other useful tips:

Define Company Objective

The clarity of business objective is one of the basic requirements for any organization. So, whatever your goal, either to generate traffic or to show your product at the exhibition, it must be clear.

Target your Audience

The study shows that if the prior effective advertisement is done to grab audience attention then it can produce better results, compared to distributing your promotional items in bulk to non-users.

Create a Central Theme

Your promotional product theme must be properly matched to your company logo theme. So, that the people can easily recognize your business from a distance, like Uber t-shirts in green and Zomato in red is the perfect example to catch public eyes from the crowd.

Develop a message that supports your business

Many business owners, in connection with the logo, also prefer to have a business slogan. So, while designing a business promotional item, do not forget to add your brand slogan from every item. It will help you to stand from a large audience.

Choose a product that your recipient will use

Branded products have durability and longevity. Therefore, it’s better to choose your promotional products depending upon longer shelf-life. As the more the customer will use your product, the better it will be for the business. So, while deciding your promotional products, always consider the following aspects:

  • Items usage
  • Quality of item
  • Uniqueness of product
  • Looks
  • Impression about the company

Bottom Line

Gifting Personalised items is the best way to promote your business. These items work better than offering your business cards. Moreover, if you are using branded items, it can act as an icing on the cake for your business promotion. As these days people are crazy about acquiring branded items to build a reputation.

Author Bio

Ethan Lee is an entrepreneur and marketing specialist at Logpro which is one of the best suppliers of corporate gifts & promotional items Sydney. He is a part of the team for developing new marketing solutions for business clients. When he finds time for writing, he loves to share his experiences about creativity, teamwork and related business topics.

How to Use Branded Promotional Items to Boost Your Business

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