How To Update PHP to The Suggested WordPress Version
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How To Update PHP to The Suggested WordPress Version

Having a fast website is necessary to rank on google. And the essential part of it is updating the PHP version of the website. However, it works best on the WordPress website!. The older PHP versions are not much compatible with the newer versions of WordPress. Many hosting services providers have also shifted from the lower PHP version to the more recent PHP version. It provides additional security to the WordPress website and offers other capabilities for the users. So, it is highly recommended to update to the latest PHP version, leaving the older version. But how do we do that? There are many methods to do the same thing on WordPress. And we Will be telling the same to put the straightforward and working methods in front of you. Being a custom software development company, we work with PHP and related prominent technologies. 

Get to Know to Update PHP Version to WordPress

If you use the latest PHP version for your website, it will improve the performance and speed. However, these come to the point that maybe some web hosting companies are still using the older version of PHP. 

Checking the PHP version of the Website.

WordPress makes it easier to check the version of PHP installed on your website. All you need is to follow simple steps inside the WordPress website. 

  1. First login into your WordPress website. 
  2. Then go to tools
  3. Go to the site health page
  4. Switch to the info tab. 
  5. Here you will find the latest PHP version running on your website. 
  6. Click on the expand “server” tab to find the PHP information. This will show the PHP version of your website. 

Tips to Update Website from PHP to WordPress Website.

There are many ways to update the PHP version of the website. But the most common and easier way to do the same is using the cPanel of the hosting. To do this, you to follow the below steps:

  1. Login to the hosting service provider of your website.
  2. Navigate to the cPanel and click on the cPanel setting.
  3. This will open the cPanel setting of your website. 
  4. When opening the cPanel, navigate to the “Select PHP version.”
  5. The next screen will open the current PHP version of the website. 
  6. From the dropdown menu, select the version you like to install. 
  7. Click Next
  8. It will update the PHP version of the website without taking a minute. 


The easy engine lets you set up and manage your WordPress website on a cloud or virtual private server. It is based on docker and lets you do the WordPress changes easily. 

Using  Easy engine needs to be followed by a command to update the website PHP version. 

  1. First, check the official PHP version of the website. 
  2. After knowing which version to update, you can execute the site update command below.
  • Login to EasyEngine server 
  • Execute the following command

ee site update $YOURSITE –php=$VERSION

$YOURSITE – your actual site name. If you don’t know your site name, you can execute the ee site list –enabled to find out.

[email protected]:~# ee site list –enabled +—————+———+ | site | status | +—————+———+ | | enabled | +—————+———+ [email protected]:~#

$VERSION – the PHP version you want to update to to 7.4 version Example:

ee site update –php=7.4

It will take some seconds to update. 


Siteground is another popular hosting service provider used by thousands of websites. Siteground is used to create WordPress CMS, Joomla CMS, and other kinds of CMS. 

They have recently moved their infrastructure to Google Cloud, which works better than before. 

The advantage of using the site ground is that it automatically updates to the latest PHP version of the website. But still, if you want to check the PHP settings and change them, you can do it from settings. 

  • Login to SiteGround
  • Go to the Websites tab 
  • Now click on Site Tools 
  • Go to DEVS at the left navigation
  • Select PHP manager
  • Click on the pin icon 
  • Change the PHP version from there. 
  • Select the version and click confirm
  • Done, the Php version is updated.

Other Hosting Companies

The process of updating the PHP version of WordPress is quite the same. All you do is to login into the hosting platform and navigate to the cPanel details. Here you will find the option to change the Php version. 

What to Do After Updating PHP Version of Your Website

Updating the PHP version of the website is critical sometimes and may cause some damage to the website if the theme is custom built and does not support large functionalities. Therefore, it’s good to stay on the right side of the dancing. You should make sure that the update of PHP has not caused any vulnerability to the website. 

To know the same, we recommend visiting the website to know if there are any noticeable issues. After that, you can log in to the WordPress admin panel and see if all the themes and plugins are in working conditions. This is an indication that everything is working fine after the PHP update. 

How to solve the issue when Your WordPress Site Breaks with PHP Update?

The chances of PHP breaking your website are minimal, but if there is some major issue you get after the update, then the backup of the website will certainly help. On the other hand, there are chances that the abundance of plugins may lead to site breakage. Hence, using fewer plugins is recommended. 

If something breaks the website, first set up the default WordPress plugin. And see if the error is solved. If this does not solve the issue, then contact your hosting team. They will help you for sure. However, if it doesn’t work well for you, you can upload the previous backup and see the website in working condition. 


Updating the latest PHP version of the website is critical. But if done with the proper planning and correct way, it offers next-level capabilities to WordPress. Being a renowned custom software development company, we assure you that you will get greater speed and performance if you update your PHP version of the WordPress website to the latest. 

How To Update PHP to The Suggested WordPress Version

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