Instagram recorded 25 Million Instagram Business profiles in November 2017, whereas 15 Million profiles in July of the same year. The enormous growth in just a few months. As you know, the number is continuously running forward. Instagram introduced Business Profiles in 2016, and this new feature of an application has become very successful than predicted. If you are a business owner or an influencer, an Instagram Business profile is made for you. The best part is Business Profile costs you nothing and offers much more than a private Account. So if you want the most benefit out of your Instagram account, upgrade to Instagram Business Profile.

In 2021, if you are an Instagram Influencer, you can switch to Public Account. If you do, anyone will be able to see your photos, stories, and videos; this won’t change who can tag, mention, or message you; all of the pending requests will be approved unless you delete them before switching.

Here is the easy and basic tutorial on switching your account to Instagram Business Profile from Android, Apple, Mac, or Desktop:

Switching to a Business Account

  • Open the Application
  • Go to Your Profile
  • Tap on “Edit Profile” scroll down, and there you will see the “Switch to Professional Account” button.
  • Tap it and click “Continue.”
  • Now you will be asked to select a category for your Professional Account. Next, select and press “Continue.”
  • There are two options here, “Creator” and “Business.”
  • Select “Business,” and you will be asked to enter your Public Business Information.
  • The next step will be connecting to your Facebook Page. If you don’t have a Facebook page, continue without this step, or you can choose to create your Facebook page now.
  • There will be a 5-step process to complete your Business Profile, you can skip to add them, but they will be vital for your growth on Instagram.

Congratulations! you have now switched to Instagram Business Account.

Some perks of a Professional Instagram Account

You must be a brand or business owner if you have switched to Instagram Business Account. This is the best decision you made for the marketing and visibility of your Business. People love to follow a brand’s business account instead of an individual promoting a product. Some brands 10x their followers in no time by buying them. There are too many agencies to buy Instagram followers, but not every company is legit. Do your research before you buy. Your Brand or Business needs exposure and visibility so that people can get to know about your Business and trust it. The list of benefits of Instagram Professional Account is never-ending. But Here is the list of top benefits and perks you will be getting out of this Professional Account.

More Professional Look

Offering even more information about the brand and additional contact information to the public gives your business account a more professional look. And when you open ways for your audience to contact you and be in touch with you, it creates a sense of trustability and transparency in your presence. In addition, due to the differences between a private account and a business account, Instagram users can quickly tell whether a profile is for a business or not. So better be a trusted one!


Instagram is growing each passing day, and it’s unstoppable. So why not take advantage of that? Like Facebook, you can also promote your Business on Instagram by selecting a target audience, location, age, gender, and interest. These advertisements help brands or businesses get on the screens of the right people at the right time. Advertising is only possible when you are using Professional Instagram Account. So create Ads and get your Business noticed immediately!

Instagram Insights & Analytics

This benefit is all worth it! You get access to Instagram analytics and Insights about your Business profile and its performance lately. You will be able to see whether your account is moving forward with the growth or not. Seeing the information helps you make business strategies for marketing and brand awareness purposes. In addition, you will be able to track your Follower Activity, Post Performance, and Audience Insights in numbers and percentages.

Pre-Schedule your Posts

It’s not a reminder that tells you it’s time to post. This feature has more than that. You can pre-schedule your ready-to-post picture or video, and they will be posted as per the scheduled time without bothering you. However, using this feature will be unlocked if you switch your Instagram Account to a Professional Profile. So don’t be ahead of time and take benefit from the platform for free when you can!

Links in Bio

Instagram doesn’t allow you to mention links under your posts. It’s their policy, but you can surely add a link in your Instagram Bio that leads to your Business Websites. On the other hand, you can add links to your Instagram using the ‘swipe up’ feature only if you have more than 10,000 Followers. To reach your first 10K Followers on Instagram, is the best option in the market. But here is the twist, you can only avail this ‘Link in story’ feature if your Instagram is switched to a Professional Profile. So many benefits, right!

Easy to be contacted

People get annoyed when they can’t find a way to contact you and send your messages. Because the audience nowadays wants to be heard by people and brands they follow. It makes their trust more vital than before. So please give them a path to reach you easily. With Instagram Business Account, people can reach you out. You can add your WhatsApp, Email, Phone Number, and Address. So people will be able to contact you just a click away!


Give your Business a treat while you can! Utilize these unique features and perks by switching to the Instagram Business Account. According to the stats of 2021, Instagram has 500M Daily Active Users (DAUs), and the number is increasing rapidly. You must wonder how many of these 500 Million can be your audience if you reach them. That number would be much more significant than you have right now on your Instagram Account. Switch your profile to a professional one and take advantage of every feature, whether an advertisement, marketing, or brand awareness. Please make the most out of it!


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