How to succeed in your cold emailing campaign

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How to succeed in your cold emailing campaign

To increase your chances of attracting new prospects, review your acquisition strategy. If customers are reluctant to come to you, it’s time to implement a different prospecting plan. Cold emailing is a successful campaign, provided you know the right practices for reaching targets. How to proceed to ensure the success of a cold emailing campaign? Focus!

What is cold emailing?

Also known as “cold calling 2.0”, the term “cold emailing” refers to a practice based on an email sent to a target. It should be noted that no contact or interaction has been made with the person concerned beforehand. Generally speaking, this technique is used for commercial prospecting in B2B. It consists of initiating a conversation with the targeted contact by sending an email to their business address. Thus, the opt-in principle imposed by the law is not used. This consent rule only concerns personal addresses.

The benefits of cold emailing

Marketers consider cold email to be a massive prospecting weapon. This technique offers many advantages:

  • Considerable time saving, as it allows you to contact several targets simultaneously;
  • A lower budget to allocate, as the price of the automation software, is within everyone’s reach;
  • A less intrusive prospecting technique, compared to visits or phone calls;
  • Greater organization as emails and follow-up messages are sent automatically, at specific dates and times. This allows you to focus on tasks with high added value.

Cold emailing is becoming an essential prospecting practice for finding new customers. However, it must be done correctly.

Steps to launch an effective cold emailing campaign

To ensure the success of your cold emailing strategy, the following steps should be followed.

Defining your target

The first step is to define the prospects to whom you should address the products or services you offer. In concrete terms, the target is a group of professionals with a specific profile. They are identified within a population and grouped around common characteristics. More time should be spent on research to humanize the typical customer. Do not hesitate to use the persona method.

Build an email list

Buying customer files is a solution that should be avoided. The data is rarely adapted to your target, and the information provided is not always accurate. Instead, it is better to build your own email list using a powerful prospecting tool, such as the one offered by Kaspr. Designed to facilitate lead generation, this software allows you to obtain the contact details of the potential target customers in a few clicks. To do this, you log in to your LinkedIn account and go to the profiles of professionals who match your search criteria. By contacting only qualified prospects, you don’t risk losing credibility and brand awareness.

Build your email sequence

An effective email sequence should be set up based on persuasive messages. The first prospecting messages and reminders are sent automatically. Therefore, the textual content must be carefully elaborated and the reminders diluted over time. Here are the rules to follow to increase the response rate:

  • Keep your email short and to the point, no longer than 150 words;
  • Avoid talking about yourself; instead, focus on your prospect’s needs and offer a suitable solution;
  • Don’t try to sell at all costs in the first message. For example, instead of sending them a direct marketing email, remember that the goal is to get a qualified appointment.

By following these points, you will optimize your cold emailing campaign and achieve the expected results.

Use your personas

This technique allows you to humanize your message so that it is persuasive. Even if the sending of emails is automated, don’t forget to personalize their content to be consistent. It is also essential to automate your process and set up a workflow defined according to the situation, from the first email to the various follow-ups. Don’t hesitate to test your email sequence with your own or your colleague’s email to check that everything is set up correctly.


Setting up an effective cold emailing campaign allows you to boost your prospecting and obtain new customers. It is essential to follow the rules and to carry out a thorough analysis of the results. If they do not meet your expectations, with an open rate below 30%, do not hesitate to make the necessary adjustments. Make sure your email subject lines are click-through friendly.

How to succeed in your cold emailing campaign