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How To Succeed In Promotional Product Marketing

Almost all businesses and organizations do some kind of promotional product marketing to boost their sales and customer relations. It works like a representative for your brand and builds a relationship with the recipient. But how will your promotional product marketing stand out and leave such an impression that the recipient comes back as a customer?


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Here are the tips you need to keep in mind to succeed in your promotional product marketing strategy.

Target Audience

Giving away brand merchandise that is not useful or appropriate for your target audience will not succeed in building a relationship with them. You must know your target audience and your promotional products should be suitable for them. In case your target audience is diverse, then you must have a diverse range of promotional products which are suitable for each of the target audience groups. Remember that you are making an impression with your promotional product so it has to connect with the audience.

Quality is a must

Don’t think that just because it’s a promotional product, you can get away with cheap and low-quality products. Your promotional products like promotional mugs, keychains, stationary etc. are your brand ambassadors and the recipient is going to form an impression about your brand from your promotional product. They will judge the quality of your product or service based on the quality of your brand merchandise. So, make sure that you do not compromise on the quality of your promotional product marketing.

Get Unique Products

Generic promotional products usually get ignored and end up in the trash. If you want to stand out with your promotional product marketing, then go for unique products. Products like pens, keychains etc. have become too common and don’t impress a recipient anymore. So get products that are unique and different than the usual stuff.

Beyond in-person distribution of promotional products

You should try and move beyond the in-person distribution of promotional products. Don’t just limit your promotional products to exhibitions and fairs, make them available on your website as well. You can give them away as a free gift on the purchase of a fixed amount or you can also give them away as a thank you gift for signing up for your newsletter. Not only will this work as a marketing strategy but also increase your customer database.

Coupons with Promotional Products

You can giveaway coupons with your promotional products or print coupon codes on your promotional products to get the customers to check out your product range and make a purchase. Not only does the promotional product build a relationship with the recipient, but it also prompts the recipient to check out your product range and make a purchase.

Promotional product marketing is a great way to do brand recall. Since promotional products are used by the recipients often and are visible to them, they get reminded of your product or service often. This will ensure that the recipient thinks of you each time there is a need for a product or service that you provide.


Promotional product marketing is an expensive and effective mode of advertising, which is very beneficial in getting customers. If done smartly and intelligently, this marketing strategy can get you a large number of customers. But, this will not only depend on the promotional product marketing strategy, rather, on what kind of promotional products you give away. So make sure that you do not compromise on the quality, design and creative factors of your promotional products. They should be as good as (if not better than) your brand products so that they set a good example for your products and services.

How To Succeed In Promotional Product Marketing

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