How To Succeed In eCommerce: 3 Key Components For Growth

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How To Succeed In eCommerce: 3 Key Components For Growth

eCommerce is the new big thing in business. More consumers purchase goods and services online instead of taking trips to a shopping mall or a retail outlet. But unfortunately, there are several eCommerce failures for all the eCommerce success stories. Success in online retail and growing a small eCommerce business requires three key components: hard work and dedication.

Consistent Delivery Delivers Customer Satisfaction

The final step of the eCommerce supply chain is often the most overlooked. How a package arrives at a customer’s door and what it looks like are important to your brand. This is the first and only physical connection between you and your customers.

Finding a reliable third-party logistics (3PL) company is key to eCommerce success. They should be able to grow with you and supply you and your customers with added value from their warehousing, distribution, and packaging service.

This Houston warehousing 3PL can store your inventory and package it for you before sending it on its way. SCHC works as a third-party logistics and warehousing company in Houston, servicing various online and brick-and-mortar businesses.

Making Shopping Easy Supercharges Growth

Your eCommerce site needs to make purchases easy for customers. If site navigation and the purchasing process are complicated, consumers will give up and move on. The platform you use to power your site and the payment services you offer greatly impact converting site visits into sales.

The shopping cart experience is the key component of the online sales process. This needs to work intuitively and allow customers to edit their cart quickly, removing products or increasing the number of units. The checkout process needs to be simple and speedy too.

It is not all about benefitting the consumer. The data generated by shopping carts can be incredibly valuable and give you information about specific customers’ shopping habits. It can also tell a lot about how consumers use your site and which products are in high demand.

Without Room To Grow, Your Business Will Shrink

Scalability is the most important component of eCommerce growth. If your business cannot handle an increase in its customers and the number of sales they generate, it will begin to fail quickly. eCommerce is highly competitive, and if customers do not get the experience they expect, they will move on to someone else.

All aspects of your eCommerce business need the infrastructure to support growth built in from the start. This is important for your sales platform, your third-party logistics partner, and yourself. Growth will consume more time and energy, and you must be ready to invest in it.

The biggest reason online businesses fail is not having the capacity for growth. They cannot react to the opportunity quickly enough, and a few bad reviews from unhappy customers can stop expansion in its tracks.

Get these three key components right, and you are nearly guaranteed success in eCommerce. The next step is to put the work in and deliver a service to consumers that they can rely on and engage with.

How To Succeed In eCommerce: 3 Key Components For Growth