How to Stop Customers From Moving Your Cold Email Into Trash

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Some experts express a fairly reasonable opinion that email marketing is slowly dying out, and email communication is gradually being replaced by social networks and chatbots. And in part, this is true.

However, there are still situations when email marketing remains the best way to interact, especially in the early stages of communication with the client and if he independently shared his address with you. But even in this case, some craftsmen manage to spoil the first successful touch and send a cold email to a person who is not yet ready for an offer. In this article, we tell you what needs to be done so that your potential clients do not delete your letters, and even more so, do not mark them as spam.

It All Begins with a Lead Form

In 90 percent of cases, you receive the email address of a new client through the lead form. And this is a good sign that he is ready to start a conversation with you, but of course, in exchange for some kind of free value.

Therefore, before you begin to analyze the effectiveness of your email list, start by analyzing the effectiveness of your form for lead generation. Perhaps you attract users who are not originally your target audience, or you promise something, but your first letter does not correspond to your promise. Therefore, first, review your proposal for lead generation, make sure that it meets the wishes of your target audience and give them this right away in the first letter.

Important! Do not buy leads! The service to attract leads has become popular recently, but many companies sin by attracting everyone they can attract. They work for volumes, without first analyzing whether a particular person will be really interested in your proposal. And for such people, all the emails that you send them, in any case, will be cold, therefore, they will end their path in the trash.

Come up with the Real Value You Have Promised in Your Lead Form

If a person does not receive what he expects to receive, it is unlikely that he will make another attempt to receive the promised. Therefore, so that your letters, especially the first ones, are not sent to the trash in bulk, make sure that you give users what they hoped for when filling out the feedback form. It would seem that it is so simple, but for some reason, some companies believe that the most important thing is to get the coveted address, and then everything will happen by itself. Therefore, fulfill your promises from the very first lines of your letter, and this will become a solid foundation for the development of your relationship with the client.

Create an Attractive Subject Line

The subject line is the first thing your potential customers pay attention to when they see that there is a notification of a new letter in their mailboxes. Therefore, it should be attractive. Moreover, your subject line should briefly and clearly reflect the essence of the proposal that you promised using the lead form in return for an email address.

Do Not Try to Sell from the First Lines

Do you know why cold emails get cold? This happens because you are trying to start selling immediately from the first lines of your letter. Modern users are not ready for such a business approach. First, they want to understand if they really need it and build a relationship. And email marketing is ideal for the first interactions, and then you can already establish closer contact through social networks and instant messengers.

Personalize and Localize

Personalization and localization are not the same things, but both of these approaches have a similar essence. Let’s look in more detail.

In order to make your letters maximally warm and targeted, you certainly need to segment all your users and combine them into different groups depending on how many letters you have already sent since your first interaction. Plus, it is necessary to connect analytics in order to understand in advance what actions the user performed on your site and what can be offered to him in the next letter to meet his expectations.

However, personalization alone is not enough. You need to localize your letter as much as possible. The easiest way to do this is to translate your letters into the language your target audience speaks. It is very simple to do this using the Word Point translation service. Yes, of course, all users will be able to read the text of the letter in English, but if you contact them in their native language, this will make your letter even warmer, and will automatically reduce the chances of being thrown into the trash.

Try to Make Friends

If you did everything right and sent the person what you promised him in lead form, this is already a good start for further relations. And at this stage, it is important for you to show your friendly attitude, it is necessary to let the person understand that there is someone who can take care of him and help solve his problem.

Therefore, so that your already warm letter does not turn into cold because of your tone of voice, try to write as you would if you had to solve the problem of your best friend. Surely you would turn to him by name and find kind words to convince him that his task has solutions.

Do Not Write Too Long Letters

Here is another reason why emails are sent to the trash. They may even be hypothetically warm, but if you have written too much text, it is difficult for the user to immediately understand the main thing and find personal value for himself in this. After reading two-thirds of your story, the letter will be deleted, because the person could not get to the point, even if you are doing everything correctly in terms of the development of your relationship with him.

Come up with a Clear Call to Action

And the last one. Even if you wrote a long letter and the person read it, even if you followed all the rules and did not bomb your client with attempts to sell it all at once, but did not explain to him what to do next, your letter will also join all the previous ones that he deleted.

Therefore, to make a warm email as warm and effective as possible, add a maximally motivating and understandable call to action. After all, the ultimate goal is not just reading, but the action you need, which will automatically transfer your relationship to the next stage.


In fact, it is not so difficult to stop the flow of letters sent to the Deleted Items folder. All you need to do is take into account the stage of the relationship with the client you are currently in, give real value with a minimum of text, fulfill your promises and not try to sell from the first seconds.

William Rodgers is a content writer working for The Word Point, an international translation service. As he knows several foreign languages, William’s main focus is writing SEO articles for businesses that want to drive their brand in the international market. His goal is to continually help more marketers fill Google search results with content that really matters.

How to Stop Customers From Moving Your Cold Email Into Trash

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