How to Steal Ideas and Tactics from Your Competitors

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How to get your competitor’s traffic – A walkthrough on the effective strategies that will help your business grow

There are two conventional ways of stealing traffic from your competitor. One is where marketers have to pay for it using third-party services such as Digital Marketing Agency Dubai. And the second one is you do it manually. This when a company employs or research analysts. Research analysts mostly go through competitor’s data, traffic, Keywords and prepare a full structured report for their employers.


Digital Marketing is becoming more and more competitive day by day as it is the most productive and cost-efficient, and inexpensive way of marketing. To stand among the top agencies, you need to know what they’re doing and how they’re to gather and target their web traffic or audience.


Digital Marketing Experts leverage social media and affiliate marketing to gather traffic and attract their target audience, which is all internet users. And the master plan to develop innovative ideas to leverage these two methods is to spy on your rival opponent. This trend is so productive that it has been in practice even before Twitter and Facebook became famous. Just like when Apple and Microsoft were launched, they used to steal each other’s ideas to grow their companies further.

Earning traffic is free, but it is difficult and time-consuming.

Gathering traffic or internet users through search engine Optimization is time-consuming.  Growing your business, sales, and revenue by ranking on the top of search engines can take you years and decades. You need to build authority and build your website or business’s value by different marketing strategies.  Even Wikipedia took years to reach the number one level in search engines. But the biggest advantage of earning traffic in this way is that it is free.

“The underlying metric that Google used to calculate top ranking search authority was termed “Page Rank.” Launched in the late 1990s, it’s a concept that is still the core idea behind Google’s ranking algorithms today”. – Jeff Bulla, Digital entrepreneur, author, strategist, and consultant.

The main key behind Google’s page ranking is how good you’re gathering different links from various websites directly interconnecting to your web content.

Here is what you need to do

If your websites and webpages are getting important links from third-party websites that have higher authority than Google and Yahoo, it means that your content has a high value in the market in people who make time to read it. Websites with high authorities include The New York Times, Forbes, Bloomberg, Mashable, NBC News, Fox News Khaleej, and Times Gulf News have been around the internet for more than a decade. That’s the “Quality” part of the Page Rank equation.  You can get a free and best quality consultation on how to get inbound links by Web design agencies in Dubai.

You can also get an inbound link from less value and ranked websites globally, but if the quantity is very high, then it means that your business is still doing great. It gives you online search authority, and Google also recognizes it.

Paid Traffic

If your business budget is high and you can afford to pay for paid traffic to save a lot of time, you can spend money to attract web traffic fast. You can do this by Digital advertisements. The most famous tools are Google AdWords, YouTube, or Facebook Ads.   Make sure you check your results on a monthly or annual basis. If you’re not getting the sufficient profit you expected, you need to stop and improve the quality of your content and further optimize it.

Collaboration traffic

It is a type of way where you can attract viewers and gather traffic for free. It is done by entering joint ventures with people or businesses who already have authority online, credibility, and a huge email list. It is also known as Affiliate Marketing.

Social media Marketing

Twitter provides businesses with a marketing opportunity. It is a platform where you can build a loyal list of followers and get traffic for free. Other social media platforms can also help you out with social media marketing, such as  Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Efficient ways on How to steal ideas and tactics from your competitors

There are numerous legal software and tools you can use to spy on your competitor or rival’s content strategy. These tools and software help your business to improve its search engine optimization and its content developing strategy.  These software’s and tools include

Competitor analysis has been the most important aspect of researching digital marketing since 2000. Your Business needs to know your competitor’s plans, their annual revenue, their monthly and annual traffic, and what platforms they use to gather those internet users. (Web Traffic).

These tool providers and have developed a competition checklist that you can use simultaneously with an online marketing tool to spy on your biggest rivals.

What are the 7 primary key steps for stealing that vital free traffic from your competitors?

Do your paperwork

  • These Search Engine Optimization tools help you to figure out who are your biggest rivals.
  • Create a list of all the important keywords and phrases you need for your web content that will rank high on search engines and social media pages.

Find out how your competitors rank keywords.

  • What keywords your rivals and competitors use to make sure their content is highly ranked.
  • In what types of categories, your competitors are highly ranked.

Analyze Search engine keywords for advertisements

Study your competitor’s and rival’s ad campaigns thoroughly.

  • Check if your competitors are placing online advertisement campaigns?
  • When your competitors are placing advertisements on the internet, what Single Keyword ad words and keywords are you opting for.
  • After going through their keyword lists, find out what kind of potential new keywords best fits your company’s advertisements.

Discover and understand your competitor’s Collaboration traffic

Identify your rival’s collaboration traffic partners with these tools

  • Is your competitor using affiliate marketing in the form of an additional marketing channel?
  • What are the locations of your rival’s affiliate marketing links?

Check out your rival’s social media links.

It’s a well-known fact that social networks are key drivers of traffic. But what is important to find out is what social networks work best for your competitor.

  • Which social media platforms are my competitors working on at the moment?
  • Out of all the social media platforms and networks, find out which platform and network give them the best result.

Identify important backlink sources.

‘Google Keyword Planner’ possesses one of the biggest link databases in the digital market, and the link tools they provide leaves no one without any results.

  • Is it possible that our competitors are using the same back-link sources which we are?
  • What is the number of links our rivals have created and removed in the past?

Understanding the technical structure of your competitor’s website

“Understanding your competitor’s technical website structure can provide technical insights that can be very revealing.” —XOVI Suite. Online SEO tools such as SEMrush and Ahrefs provide you with an unlimited number of on-page audits.

  • Understand what kind of content do your rivals develop on their website and their social media pages.
  • How fast is the loading speed of your rival’s website and their webpage?
  • How attractive are your rival’s social media page and their website? What kind of designs have they used to make the page more appealing?

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How to Steal Ideas and Tactics from Your Competitors

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