How to Stay Competitive in the Face of the Corona Outbreak

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Towards the end of 2019, we’ve had that traditional outpour of trending guides and posts that show marketers where to look for the most promising methods and techniques to push their businesses towards the spotlight. It’s an annual tradition for all experts to weigh in with their experience and opinions, and each market has its fair share of trends to look forward to. All of this has been changed due to the corona pandemic. Now businesses face rapid changes in their internal operations, switching to remote work as much as possible, and many are closing their doors. 

The digital realm has also seen some rapid alterations, as the newsfeeds of social media are overflown with the news about the coronavirus. Companies are now pulling back on traditional ads and sponsored posts in favor of a completely new approach. In all fairness, the digital world rarely experiences major global shifts such as this one, so many struggles to stay relevant or promote their relevance. To make sure your business overcomes this hurdle and remains competitive in your industry, here’s what you should do.

Adjust to remote work

Some businesses have had to let go of some of their employees, which has brought on an avalanche of disappointment and rage from the public and their teams. You do not want to find yourself in such a position, which is why every single business needs to be mindful of their employer’s reputation if they want to stay competitive for the long haul.

You need to ensure that you can provide stability for your teams, and you should help them adjust and overcome this period.  It is not an easy task to remain productive when you are stuck at home, and there are distractions everywhere. We are all different, but you need to be sure that your remote workers are doing their part. Utilizing great project management software could help you overcome this issue. Ultimately, your employees are the ones who will ultimately help protect your brand’s reputation, and once the storm has passed, they will be the ones to push forward and help your business continue to grow. If you let them down now, you risk losing your value as an employer, and your brand will ultimately suffer the consequences. 

Localization is more vital than ever.

Until now, you’ve had to worry about competing against other local businesses in your industry for those top positions in the SERPs. Today, search engines are flooded with ongoing news and notifications about the corona outbreak, so it’s only natural to push the most relevant and informative news outlets towards the top positions. In this scenario, adapting your entire SEO strategy will reflect your position in the SERPs, and localization is essential.

One of the simplest ways to do that is to work with an SEO consultant to make sure you’re not going against search engine rules and to ensure that your strategy is suitable for these particular circumstances. An expert on your team can guide you and help you adapt quickly to push more localized content and focus on NAP consistency and other locally vital factors that will help people remember your presence in your community.

Don’t be an exploiter – be a giver.

Don’t be an exploiter – be a giver

Too many companies are looking for yet another opportunity to cash in, and even for the most detached of people, this is an outrageous move that will change how they perceive your business. It will cost you not just attention in the current climate, but it will also affect your long-term reputation. 

In this time of crisis, you can contribute to your community by sharing your expertise no matter what you do. Many businesses are stepping up by offering free workshops, entertaining content, freebies of all sorts, and above all, their services and contribution to make this timeless stressful. This is a moment to show what your brand is truly made of, and it’s up to you to live up to your reputation of values. 

Aim for engagement, not conversions

If we don’t count the disinfectants, food, toilet paper (for some odd, mysterious reason), and other necessities, people aren’t really in a buying mood. Selling and promoting non-essential products would not only be considered useless, but it would also put off your loyal clients and customers. As some would say, read the room. You should also ensure that your metrics reflect the change in the customer behavioral patterns and focus more on boosting and maintaining engagement within your marketing strategy than purchases.

That said, you know your industry, your target demographic, and your community best. You know what kind of voice they respond to, and you can adapt to the situation to educate people, help them overcome this stressful time, and talk to them as much as you can. Post updates, ask them about their lives, set up fun contests and safe exchanges to boost their interest, and you’ll easily continue the same tradition when the situation passes. 

In the months to come, the digital arena will remain changed and affected by the outbreak, and no industry is, let’s say, immune. While this crisis is still underway, most businesses will maintain their positions and keep their employees and income as stable as possible. To do that, you also need to make sure you remain competitive and beat the odds. Hopefully, focusing on the right elements of your strategy will make a difference and help you get out on the other end stronger and wiser than before.

How to Stay Competitive in the Face of the Corona Outbreak

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