How to Start Your own Grocery Delivery Business

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How to Start Your own Grocery Delivery Business

How to Make a Grocery Delivery Website in the USA? 

No doubt, the USA is a potential market to start an eCommerce business, but especially for the grocery niche, there are more opportunities to expand and grow at present. The demand for online grocery delivery services has undoubtedly increased in the past couple of years, especially after the lockdown.

Those entrepreneurs who already have an offline grocery store in the USA should consider shifting online- to make the best use of the available opportunity in the eCommerce market.

Also, one can link multiple offline grocery stores on one marketplace to provide more options for customers and earn money through different revenue streams.

If you are considering investing or starting grocery delivery services  in the USA, then let’s guide you through and put some light on How to start your Grocery Delivery Business in the USA?”  

About the US Shoppers- Interests & Behaviours

Online shopping has become a convenient way to shop and save money for customers by leaving out the physical retailing costs. As a result, online shoppers have increased, and many large companies have started offering their products on their websites or on third-party websites/apps to reach out to their customers. From fashion to groceries, everything is available online.

The below-mentioned graphic shows the increase in the number of online shoppers in the USA, including online grocery shoppers. The figures as per Statista are projected to reach 230.5 million in 2021, positioning the United States as one of the leading eCommerce markets based on online shopping penetration.

Online Grocery Shopping Behavior in the United States of America

For the year 2020, the online grocery’s percentage of the $1.04 trillion grocery market is pegged at 10.2%, or about $106 billion, up from 3.4%, of the $1.02 billion markets in the previous year, according to the study “e-grocery’s New Reality.”

There can be seen a major change in the online grocery shopping behavior in the USA in terms of an increase in the number of grocery products ordered online, increase in the frequency of online grocery shopping, increase in the purchase of fresh grocery items like vegetables and fruits, and of course an increase in the number of online grocery shoppers in the USA.

With more focus on timely delivery of grocery items, people in the USA are looking for better alternatives to the top grocery delivery market players to order their groceries. 

Online Grocery Delivery Businesses in the United States of America 

There are a number of startups as well as well-established online food delivery businesses in the USA. Especially during the pandemic, there was a high increase in the number of online grocery delivery platforms in the country.


Pravasicart is a multi-vendor online marketplace that has started its grocery delivery and cuisines delivery in the USA. 

Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh is another best grocery delivery service with membership in the USA. It is among the popular platforms to order groceries and daily use products. 

Walmart Grocery

Walmart grocery has its own app for users to place an order and is among the popular platforms to order groceries online in the USA. 

My Home Grocers

My Home Grocers is also a startup in the USA known for its quick grocery delivery services. The platform is powered by Growcer, a multi-vendor grocery delivery software. 

Fresh Direct

Fresh Direct serves limited areas in and around the United States of America. The services are available mostly in the Northeastern states and offer both groceries and prepared meals.

How to Start an Online Grocery Delivery Business in the USA?

Because you must be aware of the legal rules and regulations regarding starting an online grocery delivery business in the USA, let’s quickly move on to the other steps that are involved in the process of “Starting an Online Grocery Delivery Business in the USA.” or “how to make a grocery delivery website”?

  • Plan Your Grocery Delivery Business

To start a grocery delivery business in the USA, you first need to understand how the business operates, followed by your target audience, what the demand is in the market, and how you will deliver groceries to the doorstep.

Business Model of Grocery Delivery Business:

  • Choose Your Grocery Delivery Solution

The next step is to choose the right grocery delivery solution. The grocery delivery solution will help you make a grocery delivery website and app with all the must-have features for your business.

There are three major grocery delivery solutions that you can choose from:

  • Custom Solution
  • Ready-made Solution
  • SaaS-Based Solution

The best to choose from the above-available option is the readymade solution as it is cost-efficient and requires no or less time for deployment. 

  • Finalize your Revenue Channels

As an entrepreneur, it’s important to plan your revenue channels. In the case of the online grocery delivery business, there are many ways in which you can earn revenue from your grocery eCommerce platform:

  • Commission

A fixed amount of percentage is cut from an order delivered.

  • Subscription Fees

Subscription fee or, in other words, the membership fee for registering on the online grocery delivery website. The grocery vendor pays the amount to register their store on the grocery delivery website for a certain period of time. 

  • Advertising

You can allow the registered grocery stores to run ads on the grocery delivery website. The amount can be charged based on the time, size, and frequency of the ad. 

  • Delivery Fee

The delivery fee is charged from the buyer and delivery staff.

  • Readymade Grocery App for Customers as well as for Delivery Staff

The most preferred medium to place an order or to search for online grocery delivery services is mobile. Keeping the facts in mind related to customer preference and shopping trends/habits, it is always recommended to have a mobile app for your business for Android and iOS users.

  • Grocery Delivery app for Delivery Staff

To make it easy for the delivery staff to manage the delivery of orders on time. The readymade grocery delivery app for the delivery staff is equipped with essential features, like order tracking (pick up address/ delivery address), managing wallet, editing profile, accepting and declining orders. 

  • Multi-vendor Grocery Shopping App for Customers

Customers can register on the website, browse for the grocery items,  place orders, make payments, share reviews, track orders, etc.

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