How to Start a Lingerie Business on Shopify

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Do you have an awesome lingerie business selling the most comfortable women’s underwear in Canada? Target new prospects in your niche audience and boost revenues by taking your business online with Shopify.

Starting a lingerie business with Shopify is fast, simple, and efficient. Shopify is a leading eCommerce platform for businesses, providing a fully-featured and integrated option to build cutting-edge online stores and retail POS systems. With this one-of-a-kind platform, you can create a stunning website showcasing your lingerie products; there are innumerable customizable themes to choose from.

Leverage Shopify’s shopping cart solution to sell, manage and ship your products in a seamless manner. For a monthly subscription of just $29, you can create a robust, fully functional, and ROI-driven online lingerie store and grow your business in Canada. Adding products, customizing SKU descriptions, processing orders, and managing store data becomes a breeze when you know how to leverage the features of Shopify strategically for your lingerie business.

In this guide, learn how to start your lingerie business online with Shopify.

#1: Research Your Market and Competition

You already have a niche product – lingerie, and perhaps, you have evaluated its market potential. Now, it is crucial to know what your competitors. This is important to understand their online strategies and how you can gain a competitive edge for your lingerie business. At this stage, it is also vital to thoroughly research your niche market on the Internet – demographics of your audience, their buying interests, and pattern, etc. Based on your market study, create a business plan that will help you build an online store with Shopify and effectively reach new customers.    

#2: Sign up with Shopify and Set up Your Online Lingerie Store  

To build an online lingerie store, you must first visit and create a unique business account. Provide basic information like name, address, contact number, and country of operations. Next, provide product details when prompted – lingerie. Once you have provided all the details, click ‘I’m done.’

Once you have signed up, Shopify will direct you to the online store’s admin panel. Through this all-in-one panel, you can easily customize the store, upload products, and easily set up payment and shipping methods. Browse the admin screen thoroughly to understand everything you require to get your online lingerie store up and running.

#3: Choose a Catchy Lingerie Store Theme

The digital market is highly competitive and changing at a rapid pace. Browse the Internet, and you will find several lingerie stores online. So how do you market your range of most comfortable women’s underwear in Canada? Shopify provides over 70 customizable themes and layouts to choose from, making your store stand out in the clutter. Exclusive Shopify themes for your lingerie store are available at Not getting something interesting? You can find exceptional Shopify themes and layouts on third-party marketplaces as well.

#4: Catch Attention of Your Target Audience with Compelling Product Images

When it is about selling lingerie, product images can speak a thousand words. To create a lasting impression on your target audience, use attractive images to showcase your products engagingly. For key product features or special highlights, use close-up photos. Shopify suggests using the same dimensions for all the product images you upload. This will help render a sophisticated look to your store, which is crucial for any lingerie business.

#5: Payment Gateways

For initiating customer payments online, you can choose Shopify Payments that automatically integrates all major payment methods with your Shopify lingerie store. Businesses in Canada can accept MasterCard, Visa, JCB, American Express, Diners Club credit and debit cards, etc.       

Finally, customize your shipping settings, set up the billing address, and get your online store live. Start selling and earn revenues! See how a leading brand for the most comfortable women’s underwear in Canada – Mai Underwear – has set a successful online lingerie business.

Author Bio:

Hi, my name is David Jones, and I have started a lingerie business online and want to share my experience with feminists on buying the most comfortable women’s underwear online.

How to Start a Lingerie Business on Shopify

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