How to Start an Online Jet Ski Rental Business

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How to Start an Online Jet Ski Rental Business

With the increasing popularity of jet ski rental businesses, many entrepreneurs look forward to starting an online jet ski rental platform. The platform will allow them to receive online orders and automate inventory and invoicing.

In this short guide, we aim to help you provide some key info on the things you need to launch your own jet ski rental platform.

What to Consider Before Launching your Jet Ski Rental Platform

To launch your online jet ski rental platform, business owners need to figure out the following requirements:

Business Model

By business model, we mean whether you want to launch a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) rental or B2C platform. On a P2P marketplace, you don’t need to invest many funds but will need to take care of finding peers. On the other hand, a B2C platform will require you to find a place for storing and maintaining jet skis.

Software Technology

To rent out jet skis online, you will need a complete backend technology to manage orders, inventory, catalog, listings, payments, and the entire platform. There are two types of jet ski rental software that you can use for all these operations. These types are self-hosted software, i.e., the one installed on your server, and SaaS software, which is installed on the company’s server and provided as a monthly service.


Jet ski rental operations can be conducted at two types of locations. The first one is at a waterfront location like a beach or lake where customers can book a jet ski in advance and collect it on visitation. The second one is via a remote warehouse, from where you will also need to manage shipping and logistics costs.

GTM Strategy

The go-to-market strategy will assist you in making a strong entrance into the market. It includes figuring out your value propositions, and unique selling points, optimizing revenue models and setting up pre-launch marketing campaigns.

What to do After Figuring out These Things?

The next step is to execute your business plan. First, contact a jet ski or boat rental software provider and state your requirements. After that, the provider will walk you through software demos so that you can check the compatibility of your software. Apart from these, you can also share your business problems with a consultant who can solve them.

After seeing the demo, get a quote for the software and do the same for all shortlisted software. Then, you can select the most compatible software for your requirements with a thorough comparison. Once the software is ready, you need to set up your bank accounts, product listings, contact details, and more to start operations.


Launching any business looks challenging, and jet ski rental is no different. However, with pre-calculated efforts and steps in the right direction, you can easily set up your jet ski rental platform and generate revenue.

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