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How to Show Off Achievements on Your eCommerce Site

You’ve worked hard to attain a certain level of recognition. Any awards or achievements you’ve gathered along the way should be showcased for everyone to see. At the same time, you don’t want to seem like you’re just bragging, or distract from the purpose of your site. Figuring out where and how to show off your triumphs isn’t always as easy as it sounds.

Some web gurus will tell you to immediately remove any awards from your website since they only distract visitors. But when done well, they can add an air of authenticity to your site and tap into trust factors. If users trust you, they’re more likely to place an order.

So, what are some useful ways of showcasing your accomplishments without distracting visitors? Here are six ways to show off your achievements and a few examples of sites showcasing their awards in smart ways:

1. Create a Separate Page

If you have a number of awards and want to highlight them, it might be best to give them a separate page. Users who are interested in learning more can click on the tab or link to your awards page, while those who don’t really care can avoid the awards section altogether.

Even when you place your awards on a separate page, think about how they help your brand meet the goals you’ve set and why customers should care that you won that award. A short explanation of the award and what it means for your company should suffice.

How to Show Off Achievements on Your eCommerce Site

Cardinal Health isn’t your traditional e-commerce store, but they do serve consumers. They place their awards on a separate page and layout the advantage of each award and how that recognition moves them toward their goals. They first introduce the awards with a paragraph about their business philosophy. Then, they separate the awards into categories such as diversity, business innovation, supply chain logistics, and environmental sustainability.

2. Add an Animated Graphic

Motion graphics are one of the biggest trends of the year, so using animated images to showcase your latest awards not only draws the user’s eye but also shows that your site is up-to-date. They can also highlight your most recent accomplishments. You will draw attention to the accolades you’ve received, but if the visitor wants to ignore the graphic, they simply scroll on down the page.

3. Use a Headline

Did you just win a prestigious award? Use a headline to showcase it as though it’s a news item. If the award was local and your business also targets local users, then so much the better. Headlines grab attention when people land on your page. It’s often one of the first things people look for to acclimate to your page and see what’s available.

DB Krieg, Inc. uses this technique and adds a bold headline that they have been named the top seal coating contractor five years in a row. They include emblems showing their wins from 2015 through today. In smaller print, they also list their A+ rating with the BBB. Highlighting the information near the top of the page shows anyone thinking of hiring them that they are respected by many others.

4. Create a Timeline

You could also use a timeline to show the different awards you’ve won over time. This can go in a sidebar or on its own page, but the key is to keep it short and to the point. You can always make links clickable and share more about each award and why you won it or what it means to your brand. Keep in mind the focus of your typical site visitor and why they would or wouldn’t care about each award.

5. Place It to the Side

If you have a limited number of selections, utilize your sidebars to add information about your awards. This tucks the info out of the way and keeps the focus on the calls to action (CTAs) on your site while still allowing placement on the main page. Adding awards to the side also keeps them above the fold.

Lobagola adds emblems at the side of their landing page that show trust factors to users without intruding on the experience. They offer a variety of tours through their site, so selections are more limited than for a site that sells clothing, shoes or accessories. This allows them to focus on the sidebar and draw user attention to the reasons travelers should trust them with their next trip.

6. Include Them in the Footer

There are many things you can place in the footer of your website, including additional navigation, contact forms and, of course, awards and certificates.

If your brand has a few notable awards, you can easily fit the emblems at the bottom of your website without detracting from product listings. Don’t worry about an explanation — you can always make the award icon clickable and create a separate page with more information about why you won.

Find the Right Balance

While it’s important to highlight your success, there’s also a fine line where you cross from sharing your victories to bragging. If your website is more about your awards than what you can offer the customer today, you’ve probably crossed it.

Find a balance that displays your efforts without being obnoxious. If you aren’t sure, poll site visitors to see what they think and make adjustments as needed. You’ve worked hard for your accomplishments. Share and enjoy them, but do so in a smart way that increases business.

Lexie is a graphic designer and UX strategist. She enjoys taking her Goldendoodle on walks and checking out flea markets. Visit her design blog, Design Roast, and follow her on Twitter @lexieludesigner.

How to Show Off Achievements on Your eCommerce Site

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