How to Set Up Your Warehouse for Maximum Productivity

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A disorganized, inefficient warehouse ruins an operation’s profitability — but that is just the beginning. A bad warehouse setup also reduces service levels, putting customers at risk, and worse still, creates an unsafe environment where personnel is likely to be injured.

In many ways, warehousing is a game of inches. The warehouse optimizes every last inch of available floor space, and vertical space achieves the highest return on its real estate investment. The warehouse that takes that one extra step in safety training is rewarded with the most confident and engaged workforce. The warehouse that carves those last few seconds out of the picking process pushes out the highest number of orders, satisfying the greatest number of customers.

Every warehouse can improve. The infographic below, How to Rearrange Your Warehouse to Improve productivity, is an excellent place to start as you evaluate the potential for improvement in your operation. A high-level overview of productivity enhancers primarily focused on space utilization. The infographic will help you identify ripe areas for change and figure to have the most significant impact on your overall operational performance.

Not only will a better-organized warehouse help companies achieve higher levels of productivity, customer satisfaction, and safety today, improvements also lay the groundwork for even more significant improvements tomorrow. Warehouse technologies are evolving at the most rapid pace ever seen. To take advantage of voice technology, IoT, and collaborative robots — to name only three — a warehouse must have all the productivity fundamentals in place. Continue reading to help you make sure you are set up for success.

Rearranging Your Warehouse Tips from IEMCA

How to Set Up Your Warehouse for Maximum Productivity

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