How to Scale Your eCommerce Business in a Competitive Landscape

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How to Scale Your eCommerce Business in a Competitive Landscape

One of the biggest challenges brought on by the pandemic—and the resulting rapid adoption of digital channels—is understanding what your customers want and how they want to be communicated. Unfortunately, this can seem impossible because there are so many potential touchpoints between your brand and its target audience!

You just launched your e-commerce store for your skincare products. The brand started well in the first quarter; however, sales stagnated. You’re overwhelmed by customer inquiries. You want to make sure that customers learn about your product, at the same time, enjoy the experience online.

How to Scale Your eCommerce Business in a Competitive Landscape

Learn how to improve your online customer experience and stand out in this competitive business.

Unify your communication channels

After discovering weeks of missed emails, phone calls, and instant messages, your heart sinks. You have a small support team—just you and a part-timer sharing phones and accounts—thinking it would be enough at this stage of your startup. But managing operations and customer support are proving harder than you think!

Elevate your customer and team experiences using a customizable web widget. You will learn that it provides a truly omnichannel experience. This enables customers to interact with your brand using their favorite channels: live chat, web calls, video calls, email, and Facebook Messenger.

You can put this into practice by logging in to the web dashboard or mobile app and seeing all the customer interactions in a single chat room. Since it’s a cloud communications platform, you can seamlessly switch between chat, voice, and video in the same call!

Isn’t that what a customer wants? A prospect clicks on your widget to make a web call, asking if the skincare product has any side effects. So, you jump to a video call as it’s easier to speak and advise them about the formulation, keeping the prospect at ease.

Engage in conversational marketing

Engage in conversational marketing
Engage in conversational marketing

Your flashy e-commerce site is optimized for conversions and receives a lot of traffic thanks to your viral social media campaigns. However, it’s not translating to orders or prospective inquiries.

The latest trend in e-commerce is conversational marketing. This is where you and your staffs actively engage visitors in real-time, one-to-one conversations. As a result, you can influence prospects’ decision-making by understanding their needs, learning about their goals, and building relationships.

You should not wait for customers to initiate conversations once they are on your website. A widget’s smart greeting capability lets you greet and guide your customers to complete the purchase while enhancing their conversational shopping experience.

Personalize the buying experience

Customers today have high expectations for digital experiences online. In addition to the convenience of online shopping, they want the same personalized service they are used to from brick-and-mortar stores. But, unfortunately, they do miss the personal touch. As an e-commerce entrepreneur, it’s this gap that you must try to fill by creating hyper-personalized experiences for your customers and standing out from your competition.

Install a CX platform to improve your e-commerce customer experience and follow the lead of best-selling skincare products!

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