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How To Restore Data after a Hard Drive Crash

5 Useful Tips to Help You Restore Your Data after a Hard Drive Crash

Imagine you are working on your computer on a pretty hot afternoon. Like any other day, you click on your computer to access files that you have saved on your hard drive and then nothing happens! Your hard drive is not working! That might be the most frustrating thing for anyone to go through, right?

How To Restore Data after a Hard Drive Crash

It might be frustrating yes but if this actually happens to you, panic not! There is a solution to your problems. The good news is, there are some things you can do yourself before you even contact the data recovery team of experts. Keep reading…

For starters, data loss can be caused by a number of factors, but there are two factors that are the most common. The number one factor that can lead to a loss of data is software related. More often than not, we hear of people who have actually deleted their important files and even emptied the recycle bin. This is one of the most common software related issues that cause data loss.

The second most common data loss factor happens to be hard drive related issues. The hard drive itself can have issues like normal wear and tear that can cause data loss. Other than normal wear and tear, poor quality hard drives can also tamper with your data, which can lead to data loss or even data corruption.

Whichever the case, it is important for all data handlers to get acquainted with these DIY data recovery tips just in case your data recovery expert is running late.

  • Be calm
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This may sound lame, especially if you were working on an important project before your hard drive disappointed. But believe me, when this happens, you need to calm down and clear your mind.

According to data recovery Philadelphia experts, you need to take your hands off the computer, take a deep breath and clear your mind for about a minute. Now that you are calm, think of the most logical thing to do for you to save your data. If you do not know where to start, you can contact a professional data recovery expert to help you with the process.

  • Examine your options

Some people have some data recovery skills. Good for you if you are one of those amazingly talented individuals. However, if your situation seems too complex for you to handle, do not be afraid of getting professional help.

But before you do, it is important for you to examine the options that are on the table. For example, you need to compare the prices charged by different data recovery experts so that you get one that is within your budget. You should also check whether the services are good value for your money. If yes, then you are good to go.

  • Get fully equipped

Assuming that your data loss issue is not as complicated and that you have decided to recover the data on your own, ensure that you are fully equipped with the right tools for the job. You can use an old hard drive as your test and if all goes well, you can now work on your actual hard drive.

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However, you cannot afford to gamble with your important data. I will insist that if you do not trust yourself to do this, it is always recommended that you get a professional expert to help you recover the data.

  • Preserve your source

A data recovery expert will look at your source for him or her to come up with reliable solutions for your data issue. So, when the data is lost, do not attempt to format the drive, delete, change or repair it. Make sure that you keep it intact to avoid further damage or losses.

If you need to keep working even after the data is lost, (please) use a different computer to avoid tampering with the recovery process, which might lead to permanent loss of the data.

  • Wait for the expert

Never attempt to recover data unless you know exactly what you are doing. So, if you are not familiar with the process, it is wise to wait for a data recovery expert.

And as you wait for the expert to show, ensure that you keep your hands off the keyboards, the mouse, and the hard drive. Avoid anything that might push your drive to the edge and cause more serious issues like permanent data loss or hard drive damage.

Whether you engage in a DIY data recovery process or prefer to use professional data recovery services, the most important thing is to recover your data. And once you have recovered the lost data, (please) backup the data just in case you face such a situation again.

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How To Restore Data after a Hard Drive Crash

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