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Have you been in business for a while and find you often get overlooked by competitors? Or maybe your advertising efforts don’t seem to hold much retention in your sector? These could be signs that your business needs a rebrand. This article will look at how to rebrand your business.

Why Should You Rebrand?

Branding plays a big role in how potential customers and other stakeholders see your business. Your logo, colors, and overall brand assets need to be aligned with your mission and vision statement. Entrepreneurs during the start-up phase often want to get going and choose a logo and overall branding strategy hastily. This can result in a misaligned brand image with its core demographic and sector down the line?

Do You Need to Rebrand?

Rebranding your business requires resources and effort. Before blindly deciding to rebrand, figure out if you actually need to. The best way is to get feedback directly from your customers, sales leads, partners, and other stakeholders. You can gather feedback in person or leverage your website or social media channels to find out what others think of your brand. Once you gather enough feedback, sit down and do an honest review. If the overall feedback is negative, you are due for a branding facelift.

How to Rebrand Your Business?

There are different ways to rebrand. You can make minor adjustments like updating font choices and tweaking color hues. Or you can change your business name, brand messaging, logo, colors, etc. The latter obviously is a lot more intrusive. These days there are a lot of resources available to rebrand without breaking the bank.  You can use crowdsourcing sites to redesign your logo and brand assets, choose a logo maker to create your own, or use a freelancer.

Launching your Rebrand

Going through a rebranding exercise is a lot of work.  The best way to show off all that hard work is to present your new brand with a rebrand launch party. Set a date and start promoting the upcoming brand reveal. On that launch date, you want to make sure you push your brand new designs across all of your channels. Your new brand has to look consistent, so you’ll need to make sure everything is updated at once from logo to business cards, website, social media channels, storefront, office, merchandise, etc.

Measure Whether Your Rebrand Was a Success

Once the excitement of the rebrand launch wears off, it’s time to do analysis; you invested a lot of time and effort into this initiative, so now it’s time to see if it paid off. Some ways to gauge if the initiative was a success are to compare key performance metrics pre and post rebrand, conducting marketing surveys, and simply asking your customers and sales leads.


Rebranding a business can inject some much-needed life into a business that’s gone stale. Large corporations often rebrand quite successfully and spend millions of dollars doing it. Rebranding isn’t just for Fortune 500 companies but small businesses too. If done right, it can boost your business and generate a positive return on investment.

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How to Rebrand Your Business

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