How to Rank #1 with White Hat SEO

The white hat SEO techniques help you to rank well on SERPs without being penalized by the search engines. There are so many companies that offer lucrative black hat SEO techniques that promise better ranks in a short span., But on the other hand, white hat SEO techniques are both safe and equally rewarding when done in the right way. Thus, if you own a website, one of the most important factors to scale up your web traction is by, only using white hat SEO techniques. Being said that, here are some of the proven white hat SEO techniques that can help you rank incredibly better on SERPs.

1. Optimize title and description

Title of a content is the very statement that catches people’s attention and gives Google an idea what the content is all about. With the help of your title, Google crawls into your site to see whether or not it is relevant to what people are looking for. The title of the page should have the focus keyword so that Google can connect it with the keyword people look for. Besides that, people typically search with prefix-words like how to, amazing, guide, simple, free, and other words to find their expected web pages. Using numbers in the title like 5 best ways, 7 proven tricks will induce Google to rank you well.

The meta description is yet another important piece of text snippet that both Google and users read. With the meta description, the users would try to comprehend how useful and relevant the content is to their searched query. In order for Google to notice that your content relates to people’s query, you should add the focus keyword in your meta description and keep the length of the description below 300 characters.

2. URL optimization

Google loves short and simple URLs that make sense in relation to the content. Since Google bots identify the relevance of any content primarily with the help of the focus keyword, adding focus keyword in the URL makes it sensible to rank you well. Also, keep the URL short and sweet. Don’t ever use the auto-generated URL as most of the times, it’s long or complicated. Use hyphens to separate words and phrases to make the URL more meaningful when needed.

3. Image optimization

Images in a content are crucial from both SEO point of view and reader’s point of view. Images make your content look more attractive, since people like looking at images more than merely reading. Adding relevant images between the content will help readers to understand the content better. Make sure to put the focus keyword in the ALT TEXT of all the images you add. The reason being, Google also crawls images and it considers ALT TXT to rank the images when the users search for images instead of content.

4. Using long-form content

When readers look for some information, they would want to see a page that provides most of it. Here, the parameter becomes the length of the article. Google values long-form content, since the more words, the more details. This is why most of the bloggers keep their content length beyond 2000 words. Going through the content of your competitors on a keyword and figuring out the word length would help you draft a better content than them. You can add more words, more details and help the users grab more information from your site.

To rank better and keep it consistent, keep updating the content from time to time so that Google knows that you are providing the most up to date information to people. Also, add various heading tags to make the posts more scannable and readable.

5. LSI keywords

Adding the target keyword over and over again in the content results in keyword stuffing. This is something that Google dislikes and calls a form of spamming. This is why to add more keywords without making it count as spamming, you need to add long tail keywords. Long tail keywords comprise of additional words pertaining to the target keyword, which are crawled by the bot and counted as keywords. They add more relevance to your content as to what readers are looking for.

6. Add videos

Adding videos, whether related to the content or your services would have multiple benefits. People would love to watch videos that show what they are looking for in the most interactive ways. It would help you decrease bounce rate- one major reason why the pages lose their rankings. The videos would be added to the content at places where they have some context. Making your own videos would also help in marketing.

7. Add captivating info graphs

Scientifically, human eyes can acquire visual impressions at the rate of 1/10 seconds. So, it’s imperative to create attractive info graphs to drive more traffic towards the site. Info graphs not only grab the attention of the audience but also the people in your niche to refer your content. You can also use info graphs to attain high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites as well.

8. Internal Linking

Creating internal backlinks is yet another white hat SEO technique that Google values. Creating internal backlinks means connecting different contents on your website by using keywords as anchor texts. With this, Google crawls through different pages on your website and connects the topics. This is why, as soon as you write a new post, look for places where you can add links to your older posts to which you can pass the link juice from here. Through this, the search engine spider would be able to crawl through various pages better and people can keep moving forward by finding their relevant information without having to go back and search again.

9. External Linking

External linking is indeed one of the important white hat SEO techniques that yield better ranks. When you add links of the posts from the high authority websites, it would give an impression that you are giving people more trusted sources to educate themselves- it’s something that Google values.

10. Get backlinks

Possibly, out of internal linking, external linking, and getting backlinks, this one plays the most significant role in increasing ranks of a website. If a page that has a greater authority than you give a backlink, it would make Google trust your page and ultimately increase your authority as well. However, for this to work, the page should have better authority, and no spamming!

11. Social engagement

In a world where we no longer run social media, but social media runs us, social engagement is a factor you can never underestimate. Though social media is not a direct SEO factor, various researches prove that it has an immense impact on how well your page would rank. So, it’s quite requisite to share your posts on various social media platforms.

Doing so, your post would have far more reach than otherwise. People would also share it with others when your content is useful. This can expand the reader or client base for you. Encourage comments and interact with your readers to have a better idea of ways to cater them better. This would help you come up with the content that people are eagerly looking for. At the end of the day, what matters the most is helping people find what they want.


These are some of the white hat SEO techniques that can drastically increase your rankings. While black hat techniques promise to fetch you better results in a very short span of time, they are never reliable and would land you in trouble at some point in time. With so many white hat SEO techniques, it doesn’t even make sense to succumb to black hat SEO techniques and challenge the integrity of your website. when you work hard, strategize the techniques, be persistent, and hold patience, you would encounter big changes in the rankings and domain authority. The positive results may be delayed, but they are guaranteed to occur later. Staying clean in the game would pay off better than any other way.

Author bio: Jafar Sadhik

He is a professional blogger, specializes in SEO content writing and is currently employed at Stan Ventures. Has written content for a wide range of technical and non-technical niches. Loves to know about every happening in the digital arena.

How to Rank #1 with White Hat SEO

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