How to Optimize Your Beauty eCommerce Website for More Sales

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Beauty e-commerce is getting bigger and bigger every day. First of all, there are more guides, tutorials, and online courses in this field than ever before. This means that the potential customer pool is much larger than ever before, even for items that were considered professional until recently. Moreover, with the quarantine and health risks of going to a professional beautician, there are many those who would prefer to handle their own cosmetical treatments in a DIY manner. So, to fully exploit this opportunity, here are several tips on optimizing your beauty e-commerce website for more sales.

1.      List the ingredients

The first thing you need to do is list all the ingredients that your products consist of. This should always be a top priority, seeing as how the majority of your audience is concerned with ingredients that they should apply to their body. Be honest about this and keep in mind that this is not just a smart marketing move but also something that will affect your legal liability. Hiding, omitting, or adding ingredients that are not there may make you culpable of false advertising. In other words, being thorough and honest benefits you in every way possible and puts you out of harm’s way.

2.      Make a decent catalog

A great catalog will help your audience navigate through your e-commerce website quite efficiently. First, you need to organize a logical and intuitive categories system to help your audience find what they’re looking for quite effortlessly. Second, you need to create a filter system, which will allow your audience to set their search parameters. By sorting items by price, ingredients, and manufacturer, they’ll be able to find what they’re looking for more quickly. Lastly, the “recommended” feature will make all the difference regarding your sales. This is really the pinnacle of cross-selling and up-selling, made possible by e-commerce technology.

3.      List your qualifications

One thing that people are interested in is – just how qualified you are in this field. Here, any beauty-industry-related qualification would be considered a huge plus. Let’s say you’re selling eyebrow-treatment-related products like eyebrow gels, combs, pencils, and brow ink. Especially when it comes to the latter, your audience will want someone with experience in microblading. Now, even a prestigious microblading course can take only two days of your time, and it would look great in your short review/recommendation of the product. This way, you can leverage your own skill and authority to persuade your audience of your products’ usefulness.

4.      Start a blog

Another way to attract some attention by leveraging your authority is to start a blog. This will help you develop an organic audience consisting of qualified leads (mostly). In other words, people who are attracted to your beauty-related products are most likely to need your products. By linking towards your e-commerce website, you will give them a simple way to place an order for an item they need. Second, by offering them your unique insights, you will offer them something of value. Needless to say, this is the first step towards building brand loyalty.

5.      On-site optimization

The last thing you need is to focus a bit on your website’s technical aspect and make sure it ranks well with search engines. Needless to say, this is universally important, regardless of your industry. What you need to do is commit to properly structuring your website and properly formatting your content. You need to deal with metadata and make sure your website is as responsive as possible. Besides just helping you rank better with search engines, this method will also allow you to improve the overall customer experience. Lastly, some off-site activity wouldn’t hurt either.

In conclusion

In the end, you need to abide by several simple principles. To make things easier, you should probably start by roleplaying and putting yourself in the shoes of your average buyer. How easy is it to find your business? How credible does your site appear? How good is your blog? By addressing each of these issues, you will drastically improve your odds of making conversions and driving more sales than ever before. It’s that simple.

How to Optimize Your Beauty eCommerce Website for More Sales

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