How to Optimize Survey Invitation Email

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Invitation Email, hmmm still needs work.

After spending hours creating a survey that’ll help you strategize the next phase of your product, ideas might seem blurry when it comes to the survey invitation email. But it is important to invest equal efforts in preparing an invitation email in order to receive maximum open and response rates.

Here are some tried and tested tips to craft a one-of-a-kind invitation email for the highest survey response rates.

Basics never go wrong: Subject Line and Email Address

Because these are the first two things your responder would come see, you might want to pay attention to creating a click generating a subject line. Moreover, people are becoming aware of phishing emails now more than ever. And they make sure that they don’t end up giving their details to hackers. So, to create an attractive subject line, don’t go adding these spammy words: Double your, Earn $, Moneymaking, best price, big bucks, F r e e, fast cash, miracle, passwords, stop, subscribe, opt-in, this isn’t spam, this isn’t junk, etc.

These might seem like a good idea and look like it would attract attention but they only send your emails to spam.

So, here are some handful of tips to create catchy subject lines which grab maximum response:

  • Include a word or phrase that creates a sense of urgency. For example, Hurry, Uh-Oh, You are missing out, Tonight only, A few chances left, A gift, We’re almost sold out, etc.
  • The smaller the better. The ideal length of a good subject line is 35 characters.
  • Personalization always works. Include the responder’s name in the subject line. But if you are doing mass emailing or cold emailing in bulk, then you can skip this idea.
  • Once writing part is over, check it at They provide complete statistics to help you write better subject lines that support desktop as well as mobile versions.

Coming to the email address, it should always emphasize professionalism. Make sure that your email address is not like [email protected] Instead, create an email address that the user can familiarize with or at least has your business’s name in it. For example, [email protected]

Curated Email Body

Rule number one. It should not be too long. Add only required things. Here’s the list:

  • Keep the greetings short. (A “Hello” is enough).
  • Add what’s in there for them. For example: Help us by rating our product, and get a one-month membership for free.
  • Tell them how long (2 mins) the survey will take.
  • Give the survey link in the starting. And for maximum response rate, embed one of your survey questions at the starting of the email. So, once the receiver gives the answer, they would be redirected to the survey page.
  • Do not forget the purpose. In the shortest possible words explain why you are asking for their efforts to take this survey.

Here’s an example for your reference:

Hello Michael,

You are receiving this survey because you made a purchase from

Please share your feedback on the purchase and delivery experience with us to serve you better.  As a reward for dedicating your 2 minutes, we would love to offer you one-month free support.

Final Words

There is no rocket science in writing a survey invitation email. But yes, it is necessary to understand customer behavior. It will help you draft an email that might give you maximum survey responses.

If you are looking to integrate CRM survey Tool with Sugar CRM, then you can browse the marketplace to find the right one for your business. Make sure the survey module you choose must-have features like data piping, skip logic, survey templates, and gets you real-time feedback from customers.

How to Optimize Survey Invitation Email

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