How to Master Marketing on WhatsApp
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How to Master Marketing on WhatsApp


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Brands are built by engaging customers. And this engagement cannot be all business-like and impersonal. First, you got to create a personal rapport with your customers. A customer likes nothing more than their regular brand. As a business, you become that regular by getting to know your customers well and figuring out their choices. And if you manage to resolve their queries well in time, that seals the deal!

More and more businesses are now tapping into the potential of social media marketing. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and youtube seem promising ways to target new customers and connect with existing ones. But WhatsApp, with about two billion monthly active users, is turning out to be the most lucrative of all these platforms.

WhatsApp marketing has a lot of potential in terms of the sheer number of people you can reach with literally zero marketing budget.

It’s the ideal marketing tool for small businesses but has also been successfully leveraged by big companies.

What is WhatsApp Marketing?

WhatsApp Marketing is a kind of messenger marketing that involves promoting your brand or business through WhatsApp. WhatsApp marketing enables you to reach a wide audience base and communicate with customers directly. As a result, businesses can easily incorporate a cost-effective marketing tool into their day-to-day marketing operations.

WhatsApp marketing is ideal for businesses because it’s free, reliable, and can be used to connect with customers worldwide.

It is also the most direct form of social media communication making it terrific for boosting sales. WhatsApp marketing has a definite edge over conventional forms of digital marketing, like email marketing. In email marketing, most of the promotional messages by companies would go to people’s spam folders. But people are more regular with checking WhatsApp messages.

How to do WhatsApp Marketing & master it

  • Set a WhatsApp Business Account – There are two kinds of business accounts that you can create for WhatsApp business marketing. One is an account using the WhatsApp business app that you can create free of cost. The other one is WhatsApp API which comes with a cost. The WhatsApp business app works very well for small businesses. On the other hand, WhatsApp API is used mostly by large businesses.
  • Define your goals and objectives – Before marketing your brand through WhatsApp, you must clearly define your goals and objectives.

What is it that you exactly want to achieve by WhatsApp marketing? Of course, you want to boost sales. Everybody does. But that’s too generic. Think about your problem areas and how you can improve using WhatsApp marketing.

  • Define your target audience

Before you start targeting contacts with messages, you need to figure out your target audience. Then, you can go for customer profile creation by conducting surveys on social media and utilizing tools like Google Analytics. This will help you save time and effort while ensuring effective results for boosting sales.

  • Create a brand persona

Nobody wants to communicate with a robot. Therefore, you must create an appropriate persona for your brand.

Every major brand has a personality to it. Coco-cola embodies the qualities of sincerity and excitement. Apple creates impressions of competence and simplicity with innovation.

Create a persona based on the essence of your brand. Your customers must feel they are communicating with a person. Try using a person’s name for the signature rather than the company’s name.

  • Create a contact list

You can create a contact list using various marketing tools like subscription forms. Also, remember that audience segmentation is important for targeting the right people with relevant campaigns and personalized messages.

  • Create a WhatsApp Marketing & Communication Strategy

 You cannot start communicating with customers until you have a WhatsApp Marketing and Communication Strategy.

Define the main topics and messages that you would like to deliver. Remember that you must produce interesting and dynamic content to keep the audience engaged at all times. You cannot just bombard them with promotional messages. You got to keep your customers hooked through innovative storytelling and campaigns.

Also, the frequency of your messages matters. For example, you cannot bombard your customers with 20-30 messages daily. That would put them off. So instead, stick to 10-15 messages weekly.

  • Start promoting your business.

Now that everything is in place start promoting your business through the right campaigns and messaging!

  • Use WhatsApp marketing for great customer service.

If your resolve your customers’ queries on time, they will buy from you again. The most immediate benefit of WhatsApp marketing is that you enjoy your customers’ trust.

People are more likely to purchase from a brand with a WhatsApp presence than a brand with only email support and a customer service phone number.

To keep pace with customer queries, you can employ chatbots and feed them the most common questions and answers. However, you must have a real customer executive to handle specific queries and resolve complaints. Customers should never feel that you are taking them for granted.

  • Use Group Chats and WhatsApp Statuses

To master WhatsApp marketing, you must utilize the Group Chats and WhatsApp Statuses feature. Group chats can be useful for letting your customers interact with each other. For example, you might be holding an offline event, and setting up a WhatsApp group before the event might be a good idea. This will not just create a buzz but also enable participants to connect.

WhatsApp statuses can be used to generate immediate sales. You can use these to share info about special offers, discounts, promo codes, etc. You can get even more creative with your WhatsApp marketing strategy and announce a one-day flash sale only for WhatsApp users.

  • Design a product catalog

WhatsApp business allows you to create a product catalog. You must use this feature to showcase your products.

Your prospective customers can browse through the catalog and share the links to some of the products. They can message you with queries. You can also directly send the catalog to WhatsApp users. This feature is ideal for small businesses that don’t have a proper website.

Bottom Line

WhatsApp Marketing is an incredible tool to get new customers. Use WhatsApp to run innovative campaigns that involve your customers. Remember that you first got to connect with people at a personal level. The promotion comes after that.

How to Master Marketing on WhatsApp

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