How to Master eCommerce Fashion Photography in 2022

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How to Master eCommerce Fashion Photography in 2022

In today’s eCommerce settings, customers expect more high-quality images than before. As a result, getting high-quality images without investing a lot of money upfront is the name of the game for an e-commerce company.

This is because higher-quality images earn more customer trust and convert better than lower-quality images, and listings with more images convert at a higher rate.

On the other hand, low budgets mean eCommerce fashion photographers are faced with low-budget fashion setups, short deadlines, and a scarcity of garments to shoot.

The only way forward is to become more creative and work hard to learn the skills required to become a master e-commerce fashion photographer.

So, if you have a passion or an eye for fashion photography and a limited budget, continue reading. This guide will show you how to photograph a piece of clothing while also providing photography tips to keep in mind during your shoot.

Get the right equipment 

You can capture high-quality photos for your online marketplace with some basic photography equipment. You can get by with just a few lights and reflectors for lighting, any DSLR or mirrorless camera, a good shooting base, and a tripod.


Use your DSLR camera if you already have one. However, your smartphone may suffice if you don’t have one and are on a tight budget. A high-resolution camera with interchangeable lenses, on the other hand, will always be a valuable ally in product photography.


Whatever you use to shoot, you’ll need equipment to keep it from shaking. Product images must be extremely sharp throughout. A tripod will assist you in reducing blur caused by camera shake. It will also assist you in creating consistent images from shot to shot.

Natural light source

Natural light is ideal for DIY e-commerce photography, so find a room with a window and set up your photoshoot there. However, avoid taking photos in direct sunlight. This can make your images look harsh and create dark, unwanted shadows.


Light management and sculpting tools are an essential part of photography. To capture great product images, you’ll need a few diffusers and reflectors to help manage your light source.

The goal is to reflect sunlight on the object’s non-window side. As a result, something as simple as a white foam board can suffice here.


If you’re shooting your product on a white background, you should get a seamless one. Remember that any colored backdrops will cause color casts in the image. This is something you do not want to happen to your product photography.

Set up your merchandise

It’s easy to get caught up in your creative vision and forget that the garment is the star of the show. So while you want to get things done quickly, don’t forget to pay attention to the details.

Make sure to prepare your products by cleaning and ironing them. You can never be too prepared when it comes to photography, so take your time with this part of the shoot.

Set up your studio 

E-commerce fashion photography shoots necessitate a significant amount of planning, from booking models, makeup artists, and studio time to rig up the proper lighting and editing post-production.

Make a comprehensive shot list that you can refer to throughout the shoot before shooting. Details such as which items must be photographed, how many different angles are required for each product, and what props are required for each image should be included.

If you want to supplement straight-up white-background product images with lifestyle model images, get out of the studio and into the wild.

How to Master eCommerce Fashion Photography in 2022