How to Market Your New App

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How to Market Your New App

The introduction of smartphones has created plenty of opportunities for businesses. Smart Insights shows us that mobile people exceeded desktops by almost 200,000 between 2014 and 2015. Moreover, we have seen mobile become the primary channel customers use over the last five years to connect to their favorite brands.

Here are tips on how to market your new app.

KPIs specific to app marketing

If you are reading this, marketing an app is unchartered territory. Setting goals are not. You can set goals similar to any other marketing campaign. When you set goals, make them specific, measurable, and attainable.

There will be individual differences that you must consider when marketing an app. App store rankings, organic and loyal user acquisition, cost-per-download, and app store optimization are just some of the areas you will have to focus on. Next, concentrate on the KPIs specific to app marketing. This will be unfamiliar ground. It’s recommended that you have a dedicated team to focus on the KPIs specific to apps.

It’s essential to understand how your goals will benefit your app. Specific app marketing goals can be in line with other marketing strategies if they remain focused on KPIs unique to app marketing.

Combine Teams

Advertising, marketing, and mobile marketing are not the same things. Please don’t get them mixed up. Mobile marketing requires a different set of expertise and technology. Digital marketers aren’t always knowledgeable in the field as well. Partnering your mobile marketing with your in-house team or agency; combines and aligns all marketing strategies. Combining groups will help with app usage analytics, targeted media buying, and reaching optimal ranks.


The more downloads, the better. You have a greater chance of ranking in the app store with more downloads. However, organic users are not considered to be the most valuable. Loyal users are the ones that turn a download into ROI from actually using all the app’s features. It’s common for individuals to download an app, use it once and move on.

If you are not getting users to stay and frequently use your app, there could be problems with design and functionality. Without fixing these issues with your app, you won’t be able to take full advantage of your organic lifting and campaigns to boost downloads. LAtthe end of the day, loyal users will determine the success and future of the mobile app side to your business.

Market the experience

Previously, companies made apps for the sake of having one for customers. After that, companies would market the app itself. Now, you are trying to sell the experience the app provides. You are dealing with how your app’s knowledge is superior to competing apps or occasions they have encountered. This would apply to an individual who is marketing a new app as well.

Consumers don’t want to be confused or overwhelmed by too much information. Customers look for a simple experience. It would be best to keep this in mind when you are writing descriptions and titles. So, what do you market specifically? Market how the app will make the user’s life easier. Customer experience is now at the forefront of marketing strategy. Focus on the experience. If you are facing indecision about creating a new app, ask yourself if your brand can offer a great experience? For example, Outbax Camping provides a great experience selling quality camping products online. They must consider creating an app; they can market a similarly great experience they offer on the app.

A Continuous Job

Marketing your app is an ongoing job. The mobile app environment is dynamic and constantly changing. So whether it’s you or a marketing team, always plan for the future. New updates, changes, building awareness, retaining users and gaining engagement is something that will never stop.

Throughout this process, you should be listening to users and customers and taking on feedback. Monitor and build a strong understanding of how the changes positively or negatively affect the application. Dedication to your app is essential; it is a strategy in itself. You must test different media sources engage in industry meet-ups, conversations, seminars, and events.

Marketing an app is about moving past the idea of just having one for the sake of it. It’s more about understanding the impact they can have on the progression of a brand, its awareness, and increasing revenue and traffic. The best app marketers are always going to be the ones who dedicate the time and effort.

How to Market Your New App