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How to market your eCommerce business in 2019

It would be difficult to find someone, even amongst those that love physical shopping, who has never purchased something off the Internet. Despite this, e-commerce sales are still growing, and while new businesses are popping up fairly frequently, the sheer size of the market still makes it an important income stream for nearly all businesses. In fact, for many businesses, it’s their only income stream.

When you consider the growth of e-commerce and that it’s likely to become most people’s preferred method of shopping, to not try to grow an e-commerce business, or fail to concentrate on the e-commerce aspect of your business, could spell disaster.

Below are a few tips to help your own growth and online sales…

Get social

While this might seem obvious, many businesses still don’t utilize social media to its fullest extent. Some companies appear to have a presence for the sake of it. In reality, it can help you to develop lasting relationships with your customers. It’s also a great way to create brand advocates, simply by engaging your audience.

Part of a successful strategy will include selecting the best platforms to use. Different demographics can favor various resources. Knowing where your target market is hanging out helps you to tailor your content and become part of the conversation.

A creative and solid social media strategy consistently applied will pay dividends.

Add value to your marketing

Whether you create a series of instructional videos, or send a promotional gift, adding unexpected value to your customers’ experience is a great way to create positive associations that last.

While video content will be dictated by your industry, and the success will largely depend on the quality of the production, promotional gifts are easier to get wrong. Try to select something that adds genuine value to your customer’s experience. For example, a branded USB that contains a small amount of promotional data will help to keep you at the front of the customer’s mind, as they will use the USB drive in their normal activities. Companies such as USBMakers.com provide a 400Mb data upload to their devices free of charge to save you time doing it yourself.

Increase customer focus

Digital natives are used to having their experience tailored to suit their needs. This will require regularly reviewing your current marketplaces, as they evolve quickly and you want to be at the forefront of any changing trends. If your team is engaged with the platforms they are using, your business will be more agile and able to take advantage of new developments quickly.

It could also mean implementing more practical solutions, for example, by increasing the number of delivery options available. Having sufficient options at every stage of the purchase will help your customer to receive exactly what they want the way they want to.


Whatever direction, platforms, or strategy you use to promote your e-commerce business in 2019, make sure you clearly define your goals in a measurable way. Setting clear targets provides you with a point of reference to measure your progress against and allows you to adapt and refine according to new data, in ways that might strengthen your original strategy.

How to market your eCommerce business in 2019

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