How to make your website ADA compliant

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How to make your website ADA compliant

It is needless to say that ADA compliance is important for every website. If your website is ADA-compliant, you will enjoy more visitors. It will also make your website more search-engine friendly. Nevertheless, it is always good to have a comprehensive platform where physically disabled people can find enough reason for happiness. Some websites or e-commerce stores sell products exquisitely designed for disabled people. Such websites should be ADA compliant; otherwise, they shall lose their edge compared to competitors. For ADA website compliance, you need to follow a few basic steps. These steps are discussed in the following section of this article.

How to make your website ADA compliant

ADA compliance is not just important for e-commerce websites or web stores. It is equally important for online platforms that are initiated for non-profit purposes. ADA compliance will provide more exposure and a better chance to obtain web traffic. So, here are a few techniques to enhance ADA compliance with the website.

Scalable Text

A website will have two types of content. The first type is multimedia content which comprises videos and images. The other type of content is text-based content. Almost 90% of website pages are filled with text-based content. Every website wants visitors to read the content to know about the products and company. That is why the content has been made lucid and easy to understand. Visibility of the content is also important, and that is why font size is an important thing. The font size should be ADA-compliant. If the font size is too small, people having eyesight issues may face problems reading the content. Today, most of websites come with scalable font size options. That means people can change the font size per their visibility preference or comfort level.

Add Caption and Description to Images

The images on your website should have a clear caption and description. If a caption and description are not there, images will be difficult to be interpreted. Some images have a caption, but the caption text is not big. Some images do not have an accurate description. All these things must be changed to better comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Keyboard Navigation

Can your website be navigated only with the keyboard? Is it possible to navigate a website without involving the mouse? Well, the answer is yes. But why is it so important? It is important for ADA compliance. People with disability issues often find navigating the website through their keyboards comfortable. So, if your website can be navigated through a keyboard online, it will give you excellent ADA compliance. Check out to learn how to ensure ADA compliance for your website.

All these small yet crucial changes to the website can bring excellent convenience for the web platforms, especially when attaining ADA compliance. For compliance, you need to find a professional service provider for ADA compliance. A professional web developer, having the knowledge and experience in providing ADA compliance services would be suitable for your purpose.

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