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How to Make your Online Store More Appealing than your Competitors

The competition among online shops grows day by day. More and more people are doing their shopping online and with a lot of choices available, it’s getting harder and harder for smaller e-commerce business to stand out.

But fret not, there are ways on how you can do just that. Here are 5 techniques that you should implement so that you can make your e-commerce shop more appealing than those of your competitors:

Sell unique products

A lot of e-commerce businesses sell one and the same thing. What usually makes the difference is the price. Buyers usually try to go where they can get the same item for the cheapest prices. But there are also customers who are iffy to buy from less trusted sellers so they make purchases from e-commerce giants. So at the end of the day, it’s the harmony between price and the assurance of quality.

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To get started, take a look at this useful guide from Shopify about finding a product to sell online.

While you can also try to enter this tough battlefield, there’s one better way to make it big in e-commerce: exclusively selling unique products. There are lots of cutting-edge products out there that are not as mass-manufactured as other products, making such products difficult to find. A lot of these can be found crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter. So considering being a reseller of such products.

But don’t just go buying and selling any of these alleged up-and-coming products. Do your research. Inquire. Scrutinize. Your goal here is to be able to sell not only products that are not readily available in the market but selling such products that really hold an outstanding quality that is worth buying.

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You can also consider selling a product that you make your own such as personalized accessories for your gadgets.

How to Make your Online Store More Appealing than your Competitors

Take Dbrand for example. It has a lot of customized skins not only for mobile phones but also for gaming devices and laptops. This is something that a lot of buyers would surely be interested in.

Power up your Brand

A lot of buyers go for trusted brands because of the assurance that they will get the quality they expect not only in the product but also on the service. What’s good to know is that these brands also started being unknown, being doubted on. What made them successful is that they invested their time and effort in building their brand. And this is something that you should do as well.

It might take a while but you should do your best in order to get known for the image that you want to project your business to be seen as. What you can do is come up with high-quality content that can help improve your visibility. Spread word of what your brand is all about, and what sets you apart from other e-commerce stores out there. Come up with content that can make you become a trusted resource and a known expert in your field.

Nike - Choose Go

The story of Nike is a good example. Nike is symbolic of exercise, of a healthy lifestyle. But when it started it was seen as a brand that’s solely fit for marathoners. But when Nike decided to revamp the message of their campaigns, it helped the brand become more inclusive.

Similarly, your content can do a lot to convey the message of your brand. So use your content wisely.

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Be Creative with your Marketing Campaigns

Marketing should always be creative no matter where and how you do it. But some businesses just fail to do just that. Some brands come up with very lame marketing campaigns that actually just become a waste of their time, effort, and money.

A good marketing campaign is one that can really engage or tap the target audience. Tow effective ways to do it for an e-commerce business are the following:

  • Come up with a hashtag for your business. You wouldn’t exactly need to encourage your shoppers to share their purchase on their social media account because a lot do so without being told. But to make the most of it, come up with a hashtag that your buyers may use.

  • Provide personalized notes on purchases. Customers will appreciate it if you provide personalized thank you notes on their purchase. Take this a step further by offering discounts on future purchases in exchange for sharing online what their experience with your product and service was.

Design your E-commerce Site for the Win

Another crucial tip is that you should ensure that your site is designed for the win. Your e-commerce site has a huge role to play to set you apart from your competitors to make sure that you give this part a lot of attention.

To ensure that your site is worthy to stand out, there are things that you should consider:

  • Reduce your site’s loading time to at most 3 seconds. Any longer than 3 seconds of loading time will lead to high bounce rates.
  • Capitalize on good visuals, implementing the standards of e-commerce photography. Make your site visually appealing and very inviting. Don’t overdo it though as you may risk making your site unnecessarily heavy.
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Do Business for a Cause

A lot of customers now do not just buy for the sake of it, but for a deeper purpose.  A lot of potential customers appreciate cause-driven businesses such as those that support certain health issues, or those that push environmental sustainability. Consider whether this is something that you can do.

But just make sure that your products really do support your cause. Otherwise, it’s as if you are being pretentious.

For example, FLEEPS do business in the favor of women empowerment. They sell sandals in which proceeds help educate young girls to help eradicate poverty for them in the future. And this helps them become such a moving brand.

The Bottom Line

There are a bunch of techniques that you can implement in order to make your e-commerce shop more appealing than your competitors. The five listed above are some of the most effective to make sure that you do stand out and make it big in the realms of e-commerce.

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How to Make your Online Store More Appealing than your Competitors


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