How to Make the Best Product Video Ads

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How to Make the Best Product Video Ads

How to Make the Best Product Video Ads for Your Business


Advertising is a verbal or visual business communication that uses an impersonal, overtly commercial message to sell or promote a good, idea, or service.

No offense, but people generally dislike advertisements. Nonetheless, many advertisements remain “rent-free” in people’s minds. Effective advertising occurs when people recall the advertised product or service.

A non-personal, openly sponsored message is used in advertising, an audio or visual marketing communication, to sell or promote a good, service, or idea.

No offense, but people generally dislike advertisements. Nonetheless, many advertisements remain “rent-free” in people’s minds. Effective advertising occurs when people recall the advertised product or service.

In this article, I’ll offer advice on making the greatest product video advertising for your company. But, before that, consider the reasons listed below if you’re unsure why your company needs a product video promo or to use social media scheduler to promote videos.

Why make product video advertisements?


Commercials have transitioned from television to YouTube, social media, landing pages, apps, and other platforms. It’s all over. You will miss out on higher click-through rates, sales, and profit if you do not have a video ad for your product. Nowadays, creating a video ad doesn’t require a big budget. You can easily create video ads using pre-made templates on any web-based software.

The significance of videos cannot be overstated. That is the primary reason for creating video ads. Still, if you create a video ad, you’ll need more reasons to be convinced that it’s worth your time, money, and effort.

Customers are more likely to be attracted.

Over half of consumers prefer brand videos over any other kind of content, according to a HubSpot study. Moreover, according to Amazon and eBay, incorporating a video advertisement in a product description might enhance a customer’s likelihood of purchasing by up to 35%.

It will not be forgotten.

Sound and movement are depicted in video advertisements. People are more likely to remember things visually presented with sound effects, which helps viewers understand your product better.

Simple to share

Remember when you saw a product video advertisement on Instagram and shared it with a friend looking for something similar? Videos are straightforward to share. It is a well-known fact that videos go viral quickly, owing primarily to this feature.

Videos can be easily shared on any social media platform without much space. This makes it superior to other forms of advertising.

Keep up with the times.

It’s a thing with Generation Z and Millennials! When it comes to purchasing products, today’s youth are pickier. Before making a purchase, they understand, evaluate, and compare the available options. There are many more reasons you should use product video ads, but I believe these are the most important reasons to use product ads in 2022. However, these tips will not produce the desired results unless you create an innovative product ad video. So, here are some guidelines for producing the greatest product video advertisement for your business.

How to Make the Best Product Video Ad

Determine the customer

You must first research your product and identify your target customers before creating a video product ad. That sounds very cliche! However, it is critical to understand who will purchase your product.

None of the 7 billion may buy your stuff! Therefore, keep the demand and supply concept in mind and pinpoint the client who needs your goods. You will find it simpler to compose the advertisement if you know this since it will help your target market understand why they require your products.

For example, if your company sells baby products, it stands to reason that your target audience will be parents. As a result, video advertisements should be created so that parents can easily understand their need for the product for their babies. And the advertisement should not be for babies!

Attention-grabbing taglines

People do not just buy anything! In today’s world, it’s not just about the quality; it’s also about the cause and how you present it. As a result, it is critical to present your product uniquely.

One method is to use taglines. Taglines are memorable, and people begin to associate your product with the tagline. As a result, it is a good idea to include a catchy and short tagline in the product video script.

For example, consider the Orbit ad tagline: “Is your mouth filthy? Use Orbit chewing gum to clean it!” Red Bull is another example: “Red Bull gives you wings.” These taglines highlight the problem or emotion that the audience feels when they use the product.

Special Offers and Discounts

You’ve probably experienced the frustration of scrolling through your phone for that coupon code. Similarly, your target audience would appreciate offers and discounts, encouraging them to purchase the product. So it makes sense to include offers and discounts in the product video ad.

These offers could include free shipping, free trials, and so on. When customers compare products, including these will give you a better chance of selling than your competitors.

Understand your competitors

You may have deduced from the preceding statements that you require a thorough understanding of your competitors. It will assist you in determining their strengths and weaknesses.

Knowing your competitors will help you identify what elements you should and should not include in your video ad for your product. Then, create a product video ad that will give you a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Create the advertisement

The look of the video ads should be appealing to your target audience. It should also be noted that the colors and theme used are appropriate for the product. You can improve the advertisement’s effectiveness by designing how it looks and feels.

The product should be presented so the audience understands why they should buy it. The ad should be designed following the various stages of product display. For example, it can be designed for pre-launch, product introduction, etc.

The product advertisement video should also be designed with the platforms in mind. It can be customized for YouTube, Instagram reels or videos, Facebook videos, landing pages, and other purposes. You can use the same video for all platforms or different videos.

 Final Thoughts

Marketing trends have shifted, and it is critical to adjust how you advertise. And videos are a tried and true way for products and services to reach their target audience. The best thing about creating product videos is that they will be more exciting and take less time for your audience to understand your product.

Author Bio: Bharat Baghel is a Digital Marketing Executive at Salesmate, a CRM platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and Automate things. In his free time, he likes to read and stay updated on digital marketing trends and travel to remote places on his bike. But, of course, you can always reach out to Bharat on LinkedIn.

How to Make the Best Product Video Ads