How to Make Explainer Video for Luxury Products

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How to Make Explainer Video for Luxury Products

An explainer video is an important aspect of the marketing business. It helps a business to promote its products and service exceptionally. In addition, an explainer video is the best means of communication between you and your audience.

The core of an explainer video is how you compose it and portray it. Through this article, you will get to know why an explainer video is the most crucial thing for advertising your luxury products.

Moreover, you will get the best step-by-step guide to making the best explainer video with further tips and tricks.

What is an Explainer Video?

Before getting into how to make an explainer video for luxury items, it is significant to get an overview of an explainer video. An explainer video is a short-timed video in which you explain or present a concept about a product or service.

The most specific thing about explainer videos is that they should have a time limit of 60 to 90 seconds. If you extend the time limit of the video, then it excludes the category of an explainer video.

An explainer video is very versatile as you can explain your whole business or just a small part of it. It is the best way to explain your products or service that may seem complicated to the audience.

It is scientifically proven that the viewer can retain 90% of a video message compared to 5% of that text or image. Therefore, an explainer video is your most profitable investment and tool to market your luxury products.

 How to Make an Explainer Video for a Luxury Product?

An explainer video is the best marketing strategy that you can have for luxury products. When people hear of a luxury brand or product, they often assume that it is overpriced or not very practical.

But with the help of an explainer video, you can explain the product and its benefit to the audience. Then the audience knows why it is a luxury and why they should Have it in their life.

The basic and significant thing about an explainer video is how you make it. It is deciding whether it will be a smash hit or a flop. So, here are steps on how to make the best explainer video for luxury products:

1- Select your video style 

You cannot start producing your explainer video until you know what video style is suitable for your luxury brand. There are three main options:

    • Whiteboard
    • Cartoon or animated
    • Footage or documentary

You must choose one style and not blend more than one style, as it will create chaos that will misinterpret your video’s concept. The best video style for luxury brands is footage-based or a documentary, as it aligns the product’s concept, process, and value in a much better way.

2- Video script 

The script is the soul and heart of your explainer video. If you get this right, then everything thing will turn out great. Before writing the script, you should consider two things:

Your product description 

You should know every minor detail about your luxury product. So, you give the concept that exactly portrays your product.

Your buyer’s persona 

You must know about your buyer persona. Get information about what your audience likes and dislikes. A buyer persona is like having a roadmap to your customer’s mind. For example, reads customers’ reviews to get an idea of what they will like next.

Now, to the script, keep the writing simple and short. Add impactful information about your product so that the viewer can understand its benefits. Keep a conversational tone and language cool to your audience.

3- Blueprint 

After the script, it is time for the blueprint of the video. The blueprint will guide your o how, when, and where to use the graphics. Again, you need paper to sketch out the blueprint. You do not need to be an expert; create a storyboard of what visuals you want, where, and when in the video.

4- Creating the media 

Now, you start to gather video content for your explainer video. If you are making everything from scratch, like filming the scenes or making animations.

You can contact agencies such as to help you with the media production. Or you can also use stock videos, images, graphics, etc.

5- Organizing  

This step will organize your visual assets, graphics, sound, and voiceovers. You will organize, edit and finalize the explainer video.

You will put together everything from the footage, animation, graphics, and video text to background sound. It would be best if you kept in mind that every aspect must portray your luxury video in the way possible way. After this step, your video is ready to market and advertise.

 Important Tips to Consider for Better Results

Once you figure out how to structure your explainer video for luxury products, the last step is to put in a little bit of extra effort. This extra effort involves rechecking the video repeatedly and adding a few elements here and there.

Following are a few essential tips that will help you to get better and more profitable results:

    • First, sustain the authenticity of the luxury product in the video.
    • Keep the video precise and concentrated on the product
    • Do not make the video too long
    • Highlights the benefit of the product and how it is helpful to an ordinary person.
    • Market the product by keeping in mind that your audience includes a person with a different perspective. So, make the video versatile to make it suitable for everyone.

Closing Remarks

An explainer video for your luxury products is the best advertisement scheme. Through the video, you will be able to explain your product to the viewers.

So that they can get to know about the product and its benefits, an explainer video is a tool that helps you turn your audience into customers.

However, creating explainer videos for luxury products requires a specialized skill set, resources, equipment, and capital. If you don’t want to get into this hassle, you can outsource your luxury products explainer video projects. Look for reputable explainer video companies like BuzzFlick.

They have been offering this service for a while in this industry. Be it an app explainer video or luxury product explainer; they make it all. You can contact them for further information and assistance.

On this note, we conclude this blog. We hope this insightful blog will be of great help to you.

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How to Make Explainer Video for Luxury Products

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