How to Make Employee Training Engaging and Effective

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Have you ever sat in an employee training session only thought it was a complete waste of your time? Many workers dread training days, especially when they involve sessions that last all day. They’d rather be doing their job instead of sitting through a lecture. As an employer, you have a heavy load of responsibilities. Making sure your workforce is prepared is at the top of your list. Take the following tips to make your employee training sessions engaging and effective.

Ask for Feedback from Your Staff

One of the greatest criticisms of staff training is that employees don’t find it useful. They feel like they are attending conferences that don’t apply to what they do. They don’t feel engaged or as if they matter. Send out a survey to your employees to ask them what they need. Then, accommodate them by creating staff development that will help them address their concerns every day on the job.

Enlist Top Team Members for Coaching Opportunities

Pick out the cream of the crop in your staff when it’s time for employee training. Find people on your team who are really good at what they do. They should also be excited about their work. They’ll bring that passion to the table when it’s time for them to present. They’ll also be a direct contact your staff can turn to when they need support.

Bring in Good Communicators

You need to bring in trainers who have great communication skills. So many people know how to do something well but can’t express how to do it. Someone who is quiet or speaks in a monotone will put everyone to sleep. If you bring in outsiders to work with your staff, talk to them personally. Look for reviews. See if any training videos are available to see them in action before they work for you.

Pump Up the Energy Level

Training doesn’t have to be boring. Music, visuals, and hands-on opportunities will help your staff feel engaged. Bring in refreshments. Food and beverages will keep people happy. They’ll also avoid feeling hungry or having a drop in sugar levels. Finally, show your employees how much you appreciate them by rolling out the red carpet treatment.

Make Sure Your Training is Current and Relevant

Your training sessions should include the latest innovations in your field. Look for opportunities such as a custom e-learning solution. Online training may be the best way to reach all of your employees at a time that works in their schedule. You can give your staff members the option of completing remote training at home. Be sure to offer them compensation for any work they do outside their regularly scheduled hours. This can help your employees to utilize their time more efficiently. They won’t have to take time off from their duties to get the latest staff development. Long-distance training is also beneficial when you can’t bring trainers to your location. Thanks to the wonders of live meetings online, your staff can still reap the benefits of working with some of the best in the business.

Make Training Purposeful

Your staff members need to see how training sessions can make a difference in performance. Give promotions or bonuses to your employees who demonstrate excellence after staff development. Acknowledge anyone who has become competent in a new skill. Your employees need to do more than attend your training. They need to show they can apply them as needed.

Offer Voluntary Training Opportunities

While you will have mandated staff development, don’t forget to offer additional opportunities for go-getters staff members. Show your appreciation for high achievers or those who want to improve. Offer compensation for any training opportunities that are taken voluntarily.

Workplace training will only make a difference if your employees feel that it is important. Be selective as you choose your topics for staff development. Remember to schedule sessions for a reasonable length of time. Short and sweet can often be the best rule of thumb. If you must plan a lengthy training, be sure to build in breaks throughout the day. Don’t overload your staff. They will need time to absorb new concepts.

How to Make Employee Training Engaging and Effective

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