How to Make a Podcast From Scratch

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How to Make a Podcast From Scratch

What if your message could reach thousands or even millions of people only by recording your voice?

With a podcast, that’s possible. So whether you have a business to promote, a story to tell, or a message you want to teach, you can share it by creating your podcast.

And if you thought podcasts weren’t as popular or cool as other mediums, assume again: podcasts are continuing to grow, with around 25% of the population listening to one each week.

Find out how to make a podcast from scratch with these simple steps.

Decide Your Niche

One of the essential tips for starting a podcast is thinking of your listener. Who do you imagine will tune in to your podcast, and what are their interests?

Be sure to get clear on your niche and what your topic is. It’s better to choose a  focus that is a little specific rather than a general or vague topic.

On the other hand, you should also land on an idea that you can elaborate on for several episodes. Then, if you can imagine yourself making at least 100 episodes about your topic, you’re off to a good start.

Figure Out Your Format

Within the world of podcasting, there are countless formats and styles to choose from. However, before you launch a podcast, you must settle on a design that suits you and your topic.

Decide if you will be a solo host or if you’ll have a co-host to bounce off of. Alternatively, you may choose to have interviews with different guests. If so, plan what kind of guests you hope to interview.

You should also decide the length of your episodes and the flow you expect each episode to have. For example, will there be an intro song? Before diving into each week’s main topic, will you chat about your life first? Will there be spots for advertisements?

Finally, commit to an upload schedule. Decide what day(s) and how often you will release new episodes. To start a successful podcast, you must be consistent with your plan to keep listeners coming back regularly for more.

Get Creative With Branding

Like any other content online, clear branding can help you reach your ideal audience.

Put thought into the title you choose, and make sure it conveys the topic and style you’re aiming for. Also, take time to create cover art and a show description that fits your podcast’s branding.

Set Up Your Studio

It’s time to set up your recording space. You don’t need to have an actual studio, but you should invest in a high-quality microphone and choose a quiet space.

For most podcasters, your studio will also include your computer, which should have a recording app or program installed.

Record and Edit

This is where the podcast magic happens! Before recording, you may want to write up a script or some bulleted points you plan to discuss in your episode.

If you’re not familiar with recording podcasts, Multitrack HQ offers helpful advice on recording a podcast and improving recording quality in your home studio.

When you’re finished recording, edit your podcast. There are several options for editing software, including free and beginner-friendly programs.

Choose Hosting

To publish your podcast, you must have a host. This is where you’ll upload your podcast so it can be sent to platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Choose a host that offers the features and storage you’re looking for. If you’re looking to find out how to make a podcast for free, be prepared that most hosts do charge for their services.

How to Make a Podcast for Beginners

Even if you’re a beginner, you can start a successful podcast in only a few steps.

Now that you know how to make a podcast, it’s time to hit record and share your voice with the world!

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How to Make a Podcast From Scratch